Jockey: L S Tunnell


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Name: L S Tunnell
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
1st of 4
NPLY 20Aug05
Starbo (NZ)
NPLY 20Aug05 2500m Heavy OPN HDL $11,932 ($7,458) L S Tunnell 63.5kg Barrier 0
2nd Mr Barrymore (NZ) 64kg, 3rd Rocky Point (NZ) 60.5kg 3:01.30 T1-1
1st of 8
ELLS 06Aug05
Starbo (NZ)
ELLS 06Aug05 2760m Heavy OPN HDL $13,768 ($8,605) L S Tunnell 62kg (cd 59kg) Barrier 0
2nd Poacher (NZ) 59.5kg, 3rd Slash 'n' Burn (NZ) 61kg 3:17.00 T1-1
2nd of 9
TREN 09Jul05
Starbo (NZ)
TREN 09Jul05 2000m Heavy OPN HCP $27,536 ($5,507) L S Tunnell 57kg Barrier 0
1st Van Winkle (NZ) 55kg, 3rd Beaudamiss (NZ) 53kg 2:19.02, 0.1L T1-1
9th of 16
WGUI 28Jun01
Starbo (NZ)
WGUI 28Jun01 1360m Heavy C1 $4,714 L S Tunnell 56kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 0
1st Celtic Crossing (NZ) 55kg, 2nd Top Order (NZ) 53kg 0:00.01, 4L T2-2
3rd of 11
AWAP 26May01
Starbo (NZ)
AWAP 26May01 1400m Heavy 3YO $7,857 ($786) L S Tunnell 53.5kg Barrier 0
1st Bumper to Bumper (NZ) 53.5kg, 2nd Good Thing (NZ) 54.5kg 1:32.19, 0.9L T4-3
8th of 15
MATA 02Oct99
The Chimney Sweep (NZ)
(Terry O'Sullivan)
MATA 02Oct99 1600m Firm C2 $8,614 L S Tunnell 56kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 12
1st Energetic Dancer (NZ) 56kg, 2nd Noble Path (NZ) 56kg 1:35.97, 4L T11-10
7th of 9
TE R 30Jun99
Faiross (NZ)
(Ken Browne)
TE R 30Jun99 1600m Heavy G OPN $5,168 L S Tunnell 56kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 0
1st Super Lady (NZ) 50kg, 2nd Young Prince (NZ) 52kg 1:45.67, 9.7L T5-5
7th of 9
TAUR 26Jun99
Fair Brother (NZ)
(Kevin Myers)
TAUR 26Jun99 3600m Soft 0-2 STP $8,614 L S Tunnell 63kg (cd 60kg) Barrier 0
1st Challenger (NZ) 61.5kg, 2nd Mighty Chatum (NZ) 64kg 4:30.96, 14.1L T9-9
7th of 11
OTAK 29May99
Gold Story (NZ)
OTAK 29May99 2100m Soft C2 $6,891 L S Tunnell 56kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 0
1st Crafty Joe (NZ) 56kg, 2nd Cachemore (NZ) 56kg 2:16.00, 5.2L T11-11
6th of 6
MATA 24Mar99
Faiross (NZ)
(Ken Browne)
MATA 24Mar99 1400m Firm G OPN $5,168 L S Tunnell 58kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 0
1st Grovana (NZ) 54kg, 2nd Te Akau Fire (NZ) 54.5kg 1:22.45, 13.5L T4-4