Trainer: Bob Mahon

Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
7th of 10
DRWN 30Aug97
DRWN 30Aug97 1200m Good CLD $4,000 M Robertson 55kg Barrier 1
1st Better Western 58.5kg, 2nd Print 55kg 1:11.14, 6.6L 25-1
4th of 6
DRWN 23Aug97
DRWN 23Aug97 1500m Good CLD $3,500 Mr Ricky Lock 55kg Barrier 6
1st Jazmacase 56.5kg, 2nd Boone's Star 56kg 1:31.27, 10.3L 7-1
4th of 7
DRWN 09Aug97
DRWN 09Aug97 1100m Good CLD $3,500 Mr Ricky Lock 55kg Barrier 5
1st Benoi 56kg, 2nd Boone's Star 55.5kg 1:05.12, 6.6L 10-1
7th of 12
DRWN 30Jul97
DRWN 30Jul97 1300m Good CLD $6,000 Mr Ricky Lock 55kg Barrier 1
1st Aquapeel 55kg, 2nd Lockton's Pride 55kg 1:16.56, 8.9L 20-1
9th of 12
DRWN 05Jul97
DRWN 05Jul97 1300m Good CLD $6,000 Mamdouh Dakiz 55kg Barrier 5
1st Canace 60kg, 2nd Jazmacase 55.5kg 1:17.13, 10.9L 12-1
1st of 6
DRWN 31May97
DRWN 31May97 1300m Good 3Y CLD $4,000 ($4,800) Mr Ricky Lock 55kg Barrier 1
2nd Dr. Bill 53.5kg, 3rd Lodge 55.5kg 1:17.45, 2.8L 14-1
6th of 6
P CK 24May97
P CK 24May97 900m Good3 CLB $3,600 Mr Ricky Lock 55kg Barrier 4
1st Note Well 57.5kg, 2nd Beaugala 55kg 0:52.56, 11.9L 5-2
5th of 6
DRWN 22Mar97
DRWN 22Mar97 1600m Good CLD $7,250 Gary Clarke 55kg (cd 55.5kg) Barrier 2
1st Savaged 56kg, 2nd The Lady Slides 56kg 1:37.69, 10.6L 12-1
9th of 10
DRWN 22Feb97
DRWN 22Feb97 1300m Good CLB $3,500 Gary Clarke 57.5kg Barrier 3
1st Dawn Raid 52.5kg, 2nd Omnitan (NZ) 55kg 1:17.92, 16.2L 5-2

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