Trainer: Vanessa McLennan

Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
8th of 8
EWAN 26Sep97
Golden Midgee
EWAN 26Sep97 800m Fast MDN $2,590 Michael Cullen 66kg Barrier 7
1st Magic Thrill 66.5kg, 2nd Drum Road 66.5kg 0:48.41, 7.9L 14-1
8th of 8
HUGH 31May97
Golden Midgee
HUGH 31May97 1000m Good MDN $5,350 G Haggarty 56.5kg Barrier 8
1st Born Royal 54kg, 2nd Speed Ruler 56kg 0:59.91, 28.8L 5-1
6th of 6
MING 05May97
Golden Midgee
MING 05May97 800m Fast MDN $3,235 David Woodhouse 61.5kg Barrier 5
1st Coral Cove 60kg, 2nd Kiara's Lad 61kg 0:48.86, 14.9L 7-1
6th of 7
BOUL 15Apr95
Say the Word (NZ)
BOUL 15Apr95 1600m Good BOUL CUP $7,000 K Aitken 56kg Barrier 7
1st Salluc 55kg, 2nd Lord Haron 58kg 1:34.63R, 12.8L 6-1

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