Trainer: Gregory Hickman

Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
7th of 9
TWBA 11Mar00
TWBA 11Mar00 1110m Soft5 MDN $6,875 James Baker 56kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 8
1st Mighty Rush 53kg, 2nd Princely Power 53.5kg 1:09.57 (600m 37.44), 6.2L 8-1
10th of 14
TWBA 19Feb00
TWBA 19Feb00 1113m Good3 MDN $6,875 James Baker 57kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 8
1st Beno 54kg, 2nd Pop's Luck 54kg 1:08.33 (600m 36.65), 4.1L 80-1
5th of 9
GATT 28Aug97
Uncle Will
GATT 28Aug97 860m Firm2 MDN $5,000 ($50) Keith Mahoney 58kg Barrier 1
1st Pitising 53kg, 2nd Pillion Passenger 53kg 0:51.27, 2.2L, 5-2/5-1

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