Trainer: Kylie Gavenlock

Contact Details
Name: Kylie Gavenlock
Telephone: (02)6023 5777
Fax: 60235778
Trainer Locations
Albury, 2640
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
11th of 12
WAGG 19Feb04
Almost a Saint
WAGG 19Feb04 1200m Good3 E&G MDN-SW $5,000 Michael Travers 57kg Barrier 8
1st Plaudere 57kg, 2nd Sir Russki 57kg 1:10.90 (600m 35.36), 23.3L, $17/$21
10th of 11
ALB 11Apr02
Meehi Mick
ALB 11Apr02 1600m Good3 CLASS 1 $7,000 Luke Grealy (a) 54kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 9
1st Silver Bliss 57.5kg, 2nd Quizzer 54.5kg 1:36.81, 12.4L, $21/$41
12th of 14
ALB 23Mar02
Meehi Mick
ALB 23Mar02 1600m Good3 CLASS 1 $4,000 Luke Grealy (a) 54kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 4
1st Scarpia 58.5kg, 2nd Arctique Toy 54kg 1:37.18, 9.3L $21
11th of 11
WAGG 04Mar02
Meehi Mick
WAGG 04Mar02 1600m Good3 CLASS 1-SW $5,000 Brendan Ward 58kg Barrier 2
1st Barry's Pal 58kg, 2nd Mazza 54kg 1:35.88 (600m 35.90), 19.2L $26
9th of 10
ALB 19May01
Meehi Mick
ALB 19May01 2000m Good3 CLASS 1 $4,000 Michael Travers 53.5kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 4
1st My Bigstone (NZ) 55kg, 2nd Trilby 55kg 2:03.12, 16.6L 10-1
1st of 6
ALB 25Apr01
Meehi Mick
ALB 25Apr01 2000m Heavy10 MDN $4,000 ($2,600) Michael Travers 53kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 4
2nd Trying to Be Good 51.5kg, 3rd Emelia 53.5kg 2:07.57, 2.5L 7-4
7th of 7
TOC 14Apr01
Meehi Mick
TOC 14Apr01 1600m Firm2 CLASS 1 $4,000 Michael Travers 53kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Jonafred 54.5kg, 2nd Nasverton 54kg 1:37.50, 9.2L 10-1
7th of 11
ALB 07Apr01
Meehi Mick
ALB 07Apr01 2000m Good3 CLASS 3 $4,000 Brendan Ward 53kg Barrier 4
1st True Western 52.5kg, 2nd Accelerating 55.5kg 2:03.38, 6.2L 25-1
3rd of 10
ALB 22Mar01
Meehi Mick
ALB 22Mar01 2000m Soft7 MDN $5,200 ($500) Michael Travers 53kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 1
1st Royal Half 54kg, 2nd Barbecue Betty 54kg 2:11.68, 3.4L, 25-1/33-1
8th of 11
ALB 04Mar01
Meehi Mick
ALB 04Mar01 1400m Good3 MDN $5,000 Michael Travers 53kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 3
1st Storm Rule 53kg, 2nd Plover 54.5kg 1:26.08, 9.2L, 20-1/25-1
6th of 6
TUMB 17Feb01
Meehi Mick
TUMB 17Feb01 1400m Firm2 CLASS 1 $4,000 Bret Calkin 53kg Barrier 6
1st Eire Head 54.5kg, 2nd Winged Siren 54kg 1:25.00, 20.5L 16-1
8th of 14
ALB 02Feb01
Meehi Mick
ALB 02Feb01 1400m Good3 MDN $5,000 Michael Travers 53kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 6
1st Attacker 53.5kg, 2nd Roi Dundee 53kg 1:25.76, 7L, 14-1/20-1
9th of 14
ALB 18Nov00
ALB 18Nov00 1175m Soft5 MDN $4,000 Alan Abrahams 53kg Barrier 2
1st Nifty Nev 53.5kg, 2nd Rainbow Delight 54kg 1:10.21, 9.9L 25-1
7th of 11
COR 07Nov00
COR 07Nov00 1000m Good3 CLASS 1 $4,000 Grant Milham (a) 53kg (cd 50kg) Barrier 11
1st Ashee's Girl 53.5kg, 2nd Grecian Eyes 50kg 0:57.93, 6.9L 8-1
4th of 8
ALB 28Oct00
ALB 28Oct00 1000m Soft7 CLASS 1 $4,000 ($200) Grant Milham (a) 53kg (cd 50kg) Barrier 7
1st Gold Lane 53.5kg, 2nd Hunger Strike 54kg 1:02.13, 6.3L 25-1
6th of 8
ALB 15Apr00
Wirlinga Lad
ALB 15Apr00 1600m Heavy10 MDN $4,000 Brett Fliedner 54kg Barrier 6
1st Arctique Toy 55.5kg, 2nd Tillikeratne 53.5kg 1:42.00, 15.8L 8-1
8th of 10
COR 08Apr00
Wirlinga Lad
COR 08Apr00 1400m Good3 MDN $4,000 Mr Brian Johns 55.5kg Barrier 10
1st Belle Gesture 53.5kg, 2nd Friendly Caper 53kg 1:24.70, 12L 9-4
2nd of 7
WAGG 25Mar00
Wirlinga Lad
WAGG 25Mar00 1400m Good3 MDN $4,000 ($800) Michael Travers 54.5kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 7
1st Sweet Affair 53kg, 3rd Nobel Prize 53kg 1:25.20, 0.4L 16-1
13th of 16
ALB 19Mar00
Wirlinga Lad
ALB 19Mar00 1175m Good3 MDN $5,000 Alan Abrahams 56kg Barrier 12
1st Hampton Belle 52kg, 2nd Runaway Clip 54.5kg 1:11.20, 14.1L, 16-1/20-1
12th of 12
ALB 14Feb00
Wirlinga Lad
ALB 14Feb00 1000m Good3 MDN $5,000 Brendan Ward 57kg Barrier 11
1st Miss Macleay 53kg, 2nd My Friend Flicka 55kg 0:59.23, 9.7L 12-1
7th of 12
ALB 13Nov99
ALB 13Nov99 1600m Good3 MDN $4,000 Michael Travers 53.5kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Hilgwen 53.5kg, 2nd Mamba 56kg 1:39.93, 14.1L 25-1
7th of 9
ALB 29Oct99
ALB 29Oct99 1000m Good3 3YO MDN $5,000 Brendan Ward 55kg Barrier 9
1st Blue Zirconia 55kg, 2nd All Stages 54.5kg 0:59.55, 11.5L 33-1

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