Trainer: Les Tilley

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Name: Les Tilley
Trainer Locations
Japan, 0
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
4th of 18
KYTO 17Nov96
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
KYTO 17Nov96 1600m Firm CHAMPION Group 1 $000 Y Muramoto 57kg Barrier 0
0:00.00, 1L
6th of 16
KYTO 26Oct96
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
KYTO 26Oct96 1400m Firm SWAN STKS Group 2 $000 Y Fukunaga 57kg Barrier 0
0:00.00, 1.5L
11th of 15
OHI 26Sep96
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
OHI 26Sep96 1200m Good TOKYO HAI $000 Y Shibata 56kg Barrier 0
0:00.00, 9L
6th of 18
IPOH 19Nov95
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
IPOH 19Nov95 1600m Firm MILE CHAMP $000 Y Shibata 57kg (cd 0kg) Barrier 0
2nd of 14
FCHU 08Oct95
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
FCHU 08Oct95 1800m Soft MAIN OKAN $000 Y Shibata 57kg (cd 0kg) Barrier 0
1st of 12
SING 10Sep95
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
SING 10Sep95 1600m Firm AUTUMN HCP $000 Y Shibata 55kg (cd 0kg) Barrier 0
1st of 14
DVLE 13Aug95
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
DVLE 13Aug95 1400m Firm BSN OPEN $000 M Ebina 56kg (cd 0kg) Barrier 0
2nd of 10
FCHU 16Jul95
Dojima Muteki (JPN)
FCHU 16Jul95 1200m Soft FUKUSHIMA $000 M Ebina 55kg (cd 0kg) Barrier 0

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