Trainer: Scott Singleton

Trainer Locations
Cloverdale, 6105
Belmont, 6104
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
5th of 16
BLMT 06Dec03
(Maida Vale)
BLMT 06Dec03 2200m Firm2 TOWTON CUP Listed $42,900 ($850) Mr Willie Arnold 57kg Barrier 14
1st Celtus 53kg, 2nd Desert Dreamer 55kg 2:15.91 (600m 37.28), 1.75L, 14th@800m, 14th@400m, $31/$41
11th of 16
BLMT 29Nov03
(Maida Vale)
BLMT 29Nov03 1600m Firm2 RAILWAY Group 1 $494,000 Mr Willie Arnold 52kg Barrier 10
1st Hardrada 54kg, 2nd Early Express 52.5kg 1:35.78 (600m 35.27), 8.05L, 16th@800m, 16th@400m, $101/$201
9th of 15
BLMT 15Nov03
(Maida Vale)
BLMT 15Nov03 1600m Firm2 WLTR $28,000 Brent Albuino 58kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 5
1st The Grey Cardinal 52kg, 2nd Kentiara 54.5kg 1:36.57 (600m 36.09), 3.85L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $21/$26
12th of 16
BLMT 08Nov03
(Maida Vale)
BLMT 08Nov03 1400m Firm2 ASIAN BEAU Group 3 $65,700 Troy Jackman 56kg Barrier 6
1st Track Jester 52kg, 2nd Kame's Hope 53.5kg 1:22.80 (600m 34.78), 5L, 14th@800m, 14th@400m, $31/$101/$61
11th of 11
BLMT 03Aug98
Twinkletoes Rose
BLMT 03Aug98 1200m Soft5 3YF CL6 $7,000 R Farrell 54.5kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 8
1st Answer My Prayer 56kg, 2nd Miss Stormy 53.5kg 1:12.06 (600m 35.99), 16.3L, 10th@800m, 11th@400m 25-1

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