Trainer: Robert Pearse

Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
7th of 14
CSNO 14Aug95
Florina Call
CSNO 14Aug95 1900m Good3 CASINO CUP $21,200 Mr Phil Michaelides 54.5kg Barrier 3
1st Kala Beat 53.5kg, 2nd Charlandolase 54kg 1:59.90, 3.2L, 4-1/6-1
6th of 15
COFF 02Aug95
Florina Call
COFF 02Aug95 1500m Good3 OPEN HCP $8,600 Mr Phil Michaelides 54kg Barrier 5
1st Mahlula Star 54.5kg, 2nd Transit 55kg 1:29.94, 4.9L, 7-1/8-1
3rd of 16
GRAF 19Jul95
Florina Call
GRAF 19Jul95 1600m Firm2 S/GRAF CUP $40,500 ($3,500) Mr Phil Michaelides 52kg Barrier 13
1st Jamea 55.5kg, 2nd Kala Beat 52kg 1:34.84, 2.3L, 20-1/33-1
7th of 16
GRAF 08Jul95
Florina Call
GRAF 08Jul95 1600m Good3 OPEN HCP $8,250 Mr Phil Michaelides 53.5kg Barrier 10
1st Lucky to Be 62.5kg, 2nd New Agent 50kg 1:37.06, 2.7L 20-1

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