Trainer: Craig Carmody

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Name: Craig Carmody
Trainer Locations
Canberra, 2600
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
6th of 8
YUNG 01Apr00
Our Burrito
YUNG 01Apr00 1400m Firm2 MDN $4,020 Shane Pawsey 55kg Barrier 1
1st Piewac 53.5kg, 2nd Jemkara 54.5kg 1:23.35, 8.3L 7-2
8th of 16
MRYA 23Mar00
Our Burrito
MRYA 23Mar00 1010m Soft5 MDN $5,000 Darren Haw 56kg Barrier 2
1st Proud Planet 53.5kg, 2nd Rising Current 57kg 1:00.52, 6.3L 33-1
14th of 15
CANB 09Mar00
Our Burrito
CANB 09Mar00 1000m Soft5 MDN $10,350 M Ward (a) 57kg (cd 55.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Ring That Bell 57kg, 2nd Guwapo 56kg 1:00.07 (600m 35.99), 15L, 33-1/50-1
13th of 13
CANB 24Feb00
CANB 24Feb00 1200m Soft7 4YO&UP MDN $10,050 Mr Tim Phillips 54.5kg Barrier 5
1st Angry Arthur 53kg, 2nd Welliswood 53.5kg 1:14.50 (600m 38.12), 34.6L 200-1
14th of 15
CANB 23Aug99
CANB 23Aug99 1400m Good3 MDN $10,000 Shane Pawsey 56kg Barrier 11
1st Sweet Spirit 54kg, 2nd Toscana 54.5kg 1:25.26 (600m 36.07), 19.6L, 100-1/250-1
12th of 12
WAGG 14Aug99
WAGG 14Aug99 1200m Soft7 MDN $4,000 Shane Pawsey 57kg Barrier 9
1st Federation 54kg, 2nd Native Forte 56kg 1:16.01 (600m 39.12), 15.2L 12-1
12th of 12
CANB 12Jun99
CANB 12Jun99 2050m Soft7 CLASS 3 $10,000 K English 53kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 9
1st Skylarking 57.5kg, 2nd Tipsy Belle 54kg 2:12.74R (600m 39.62), 19.7L 50-1
4th of 6
QBYN 05Jun99
QBYN 05Jun99 2000m Good3 CLASS 4 $4,000 ($170) John Scorse 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 5
1st Just a Ninja 56.5kg, 2nd Gold Port 56kg 2:05.21 (600m 38.81), 7.8L 10-1
11th of 11
CANB 30May99
CANB 30May99 1600m Soft5 CLASS 3-SW $10,000 G Perry (a) 57kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 11
1st Glittering Girl (NZ) 54kg, 2nd Skylarking 57kg 1:36.78 (600m 37.82), 17.4L, 20-1/30-1
10th of 16
CANB 15May99
CANB 15May99 1400m Soft5 CLASS 6-SW $10,000 K English 55kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 13
1st Miss de Air 54kg, 2nd Accelerating 55kg 1:23.82 (600m 36.58), 7.3L 40-1
6th of 9
CANB 01May99
CANB 01May99 1400m Good3 CLASS 3-SW $10,350 K Bell 57kg Barrier 4
1st Katie Caerwent 55kg, 2nd Moon Petal 55kg 1:23.78, 3.3L 30-1
4th of 6
WAGG 20Mar99
WAGG 20Mar99 1600m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $5,150 ($200) G Perry (a) 55kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 1
1st Opanui 57kg, 2nd Hayley 55kg 1:37.22, 4.4L 7-1
5th of 9
NOWR 12Mar99
NOWR 12Mar99 1600m Good3 CLASS 3-SW $5,100 ($100) G Perry (a) 57kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 2
1st Yots 56kg, 2nd Monprince 56kg 1:36.74 (600m 35.83), 3.3L 7-1
7th of 7
CANB 07Mar99
CANB 07Mar99 1600m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $15,700 Ms Kelly Gooch 55kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 7
1st Fenian 56kg, 1st Sporting 54kg 1:38.04 (600m 35.38), 3.2L, 33-1/60-1
3rd of 6
QBYN 01Mar99
QBYN 01Mar99 2000m Good3 CLASS 4 $5,000 ($400) John Scorse 53.5kg Barrier 4
1st Untrue 56kg, 2nd Foreign Acclaim 55kg 2:07.52 (600m 34.96), 1.9L, 7-2/7-1
5th of 8
HAWK 18Feb99
HAWK 18Feb99 2000m Good3 CLASS 3 $8,800 Danny Nikolic 53kg Barrier 8
1st Sunbeams 53kg, 2nd Instant Printer 55.5kg 2:07.98, 4.2L, 6-1/12-1/10-1
2nd of 8
WAGG 14Feb99
WAGG 14Feb99 1600m Firm2 CLASS 5 $5,000 ($1,000) John Scorse 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 6
1st Northey 57.5kg, 3rd Portsea 53.5kg 1:36.49, 0.2L, 12-1/14-1
3rd of 7
WAGG 05Feb99
WAGG 05Feb99 1600m Firm2 CLASS 3-SW $5,200 ($500) Ms Kelly Gooch 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 2
1st Our Jena 55kg, 2nd Murranji 56kg 1:36.68 (600m 35.38), 1.5L, 20-1/25-1
10th of 13
CANB 26Jan99
CANB 26Jan99 1630m Soft5 CLASS 3-SW $10,000 Ms Kelly Gooch 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 12
1st Our Jena 54kg, 2nd Fenian 57kg 1:39.24R (600m 37.61), 10.7L, 25-1/40-1
7th of 7
GOUL 25Jan99
GOUL 25Jan99 2000m Good3 CLASS 6 $5,020 John Scorse 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Red Hot Rookie 54kg, 2nd Jopelidean 56kg 2:08.08, 6.3L 7-1
8th of 16
CANB 10Jan99
CANB 10Jan99 2000m Soft5 CL3-SW $10,000 Ms Kelly Gooch 57kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 5
1st Acting Consul 55kg, 2nd Sakana Beau 56kg 2:08.20 (600m 38.58), 2.3L, 40-1/66-1
6th of 7
QBYN 26Dec98
QBYN 26Dec98 2000m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $4,000 Ms Kelly Gooch 55kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 5
1st Moral Danger 58kg, 2nd Prophecy 56kg 2:08.85 (600m 36.32), 3.9L 20-1
11th of 12
CANB 19Dec98
CANB 19Dec98 1600m Good3 CLASS 3-SW $10,000 Roly Saxton 57kg Barrier 1
1st Waylon 56kg, 2nd Red Hot Rookie 56kg 1:36.91 (600m 36.42), 9.2L 40-1
15th of 15
CANB 19Dec98
Astro Starlet
CANB 19Dec98 1600m Good3 MDN $10,000 R Graham 53kg Barrier 5
1st All in Navy 55kg, 2nd Astrology (NZ) 53.5kg 1:37.96 (600m 36.34), 18.6L 33-1
10th of 11
CANT 13Dec98
CANT 13Dec98 1550m Good3 3UPE&GCL-3 $22,068 Mr Kevin Moses 52kg Barrier 6
1st Karlperra 58.5kg, 2nd Blue Clancy (NZ) 51kg 1:34.34 (600m 37.07), 9.4L, 11th@800m, 11th@400m, 100-1/150-1
8th of 14
WAGG 04Dec98
Astro Starlet
WAGG 04Dec98 1400m Firm2 MDN $5,000 John Scorse 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 12
1st Miss Compliance 53kg, 2nd Poetic Glory 52.5kg 1:25.66 (600m 35.99), 4.3L, 16-1/20-1
5th of 13
WAGG 04Dec98
WAGG 04Dec98 1400m Firm2 CLASS 3 $6,000 K English 53kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 4
1st Forever Blushing 54.5kg, 2nd Waylon 57.5kg 1:23.36 (600m 35.49), 3L, 25-1/33-1
5th of 10
NOWR 24Nov98
Astro Starlet
NOWR 24Nov98 1200m Soft7 MDN $5,000 Ms K Blencowe 53kg Barrier 6
1st Decadent (NZ) 59kg, 2nd All By Knight 55kg 1:12.55 (600m 36.74), 9.3L, 20-1/16-1/25-1
10th of 12
CANB 22Nov98
CANB 22Nov98 1200m Good3 CLASS 3-SW $10,000 R Graham 57kg Barrier 8
1st Federal Agent 57kg, 2nd Princess On Parade 53kg 1:10.29 (600m 35.22), 9L, 66-1/140-1
6th of 14
GOUL 28Aug98
Box of Chocolates
GOUL 28Aug98 1000m Heavy10 F&M MDN $5,020 Mr John Nisbet 55kg Barrier 1
1st Bezalel 54kg, 2nd Public Profile 54kg 1:01.50, 7.7L, 10-1/12-1/8-1
7th of 10
CANB 29Mar98
Astro Starlet
CANB 29Mar98 1400m Good3 MDN $7,250 Craig Agnew 53kg Barrier 8
1st Doddler 51kg, 2nd Miss Pinehurst 53kg 1:26.23 (600m 36.64), 6.6L, 33-1/50-1
11th of 11
CANB 15Mar98
Astro Starlet
CANB 15Mar98 1600m Good3 CLASS 6-SW $10,300 Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 4
1st Space Prince 53.5kg, 2nd Goodwood 54.5kg 1:36.11 (600m 38.59), 19L, 200-1/500-1
5th of 12
WAGG 07Mar98
Astro Starlet
WAGG 07Mar98 1412m Good3 MDN $4,000 G Perry (a) 53kg (cd 50.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Twigg's Joy (NZ) 53.5kg, 2nd Miss Pinehurst 50.5kg 1:24.43, 4.2L 7-1
6th of 15
NOWR 14Feb98
Astro Starlet
NOWR 14Feb98 1100m Good3 MDN $3,600 Mr Tim Phillips 53.5kg Barrier 3
1st Royal Pal 53.5kg, 2nd Silvery Moon 53kg 1:03.49, 3.3L 12-1
2nd of 9
MRYA 02Feb98
Astro Starlet
MRYA 02Feb98 1010m Good3 MDN $3,500 ($700) Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Resistable 55kg, 3rd Le Saint 56kg 0:59.27, 7.5L, 7-1/8-1
8th of 8
MRYA 02Feb98
MRYA 02Feb98 1650m Good3 CLASS 4 $3,500 Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Haynick 57kg, 2nd Ducks On the Pond 55.5kg 1:41.07, 9.5L, 6-1/7-1
8th of 10
CANB 26Jan98
CANB 26Jan98 1600m Soft5 CLASS 3-SW $7,000 Roly Saxton 57kg Barrier 7
1st Triplina (NZ) 54.5kg, 2nd Call Me Oscar 57kg 1:39.97, 7.3L 8-1
4th of 9
CANB 17Jan98
CANB 17Jan98 1400m Good3 CLASS 3-SW $7,000 ($300) John Scorse 57kg Barrier 7
1st Zimatar 56kg, 2nd Majestic Tan 54.5kg 1:24.50, 4.6L 6-1
9th of 9
K GR 10Jan98
K GR 10Jan98 1400m Soft5 CLASS 3 $8,000 Matty Privato 52kg Barrier 1
1st Poetic Power 53.5kg, 2nd Our Cracker (NZ) 51kg 1:24.85, 15.2L 12-1
7th of 9
RAND 01Jan98
RAND 01Jan98 1600m Good3 4YO&UP-1MW $32,000 Kevin Forrester 52kg Barrier 5
1st Don't Disturb 51kg, 2nd Wolf River 52kg 1:38.23 (600m 35.57), 6.5L, 4th@800m, 3rd@400m, 20-1/50-1
7th of 15
CANB 20Dec97
CANB 20Dec97 1400m Good3 CLASS 6 $7,200 Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Quick 'n' Handsome 56kg, 2nd Mountain Time 57kg 1:23.15, 4.7L 100-1
9th of 9
RHIL 06Dec97
RHIL 06Dec97 1200m Good3 4YO&UP-2MW $34,068 Kevin Forrester 52kg Barrier 3
1st Major Suspect 56.5kg, 2nd Revenue Raiser 53kg 1:09.88 (600m 34.13), 8.3L, 8th@800m, 8th@400m, 100-1/200-1
6th of 8
COOT 27Sep97
Astro Starlet
COOT 27Sep97 1600m Good3 MDN $3,000 Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Capital Call 52kg, 2nd King's Risk 56.5kg 1:39.50, 6.8L 8-1
4th of 10
COWR 08Sep97
Astro Starlet
COWR 08Sep97 1400m Soft7 MDN $4,320 ($225) Mr Tim Phillips 53kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 6
1st Okiato Rose (NZ) 53.5kg, 2nd Catapult Red 51kg 1:28.00, 5.2L, 3-1/8-1/4-1
6th of 12
QBYN 30Aug97
Astro Starlet
QBYN 30Aug97 1200m Good3 MDN $4,500 L Priestly 53kg Barrier 4
1st Pocket of Dreams 53kg, 2nd Bay of Biscay 54.5kg 1:12.31, 4.1L 9-1
4th of 12
GUND 22Aug97
Astro Starlet
GUND 22Aug97 1180m Good3 MDN $3,500 ($100) Roly Saxton 53kg Barrier 1
1st Badge Draw 55.5kg, 2nd King's Risk 56kg 1:11.60, 3L, 10-1/15-1
10th of 16
CANB 26Jul97
Astro Starlet
CANB 26Jul97 1400m Soft5 MDN $7,000 K English 53kg (cd 50.5kg) Barrier 7
1st Atticus Finch 55.5kg, 2nd Shot in the Dark 53.5kg 1:26.59, 14L 25-1
10th of 10
W FM 20Jul97
W FM 20Jul97 2200m Soft5 4YO&UPCL-5 $20,060 Mathew Cahill 52kg Barrier 7
1st Yalleroi (NZ) 53kg, 2nd Laysan (NZ) 53.5kg 2:18.82 (600m 35.68), 14L, 7th@800m, 8th@400m, 33-1/50-1
4th of 7
CANB 12Jul97
CANB 12Jul97 2000m Soft5 CLASS 6-SW $7,000 ($300) Roly Saxton 54.5kg Barrier 1
1st Nap Time 54.5kg, 2nd Fiorenilli 54.5kg 2:07.37, 11L 9-1
13th of 14
CANB 12Jul97
Astro Starlet
CANB 12Jul97 1200m Soft5 MDN $7,000 David Nisbet 53kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 13
1st The Met 55.5kg, 2nd Atticus Finch 54kg 1:12.87, 13.5L 16-1

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