Trainer: Gary Moore

Trainer Locations
Oakford, 6121
Southern River, 6110
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
11th of 11
BLMT 13Sep00
BLMT 13Sep00 1400m Good3 3UP FM CL6 $10,000 Mr Stephen Miller 52kg Barrier 9
1st Even You 52kg, 2nd Reedy's Reign 53kg 1:25.34, 17.25L, 4th@800m 33-1
7th of 16
NTHM 22Aug00
NTHM 22Aug00 1600m Good3 MDN-SW $4,500 Troy Turner 54.5kg Barrier 13
1st Kept 54.5kg, 2nd William's Pride 56kg 1:36.65, 4.75L 66-1
10th of 11
YORK 01Aug00
YORK 01Aug00 1500m Firm2 3UP MDN-SW $4,000 Patrick Carbery 54.5kg Barrier 9
1st Chinese Arithmetic 54.5kg, 2nd Sound Effect 56kg 1:33.25, 8.25L 25-1
9th of 12
NTHM 18Jul00
NTHM 18Jul00 1600m Good3 MDN-SW $4,500 Jason Whiting 54.5kg Barrier 7
1st Muezzin (NZ) 56kg, 1st Miss Nightscay 54.5kg 1:39.80, 10L, 33-1/20-1
6th of 7
COLI 16Oct99
COLI 16Oct99 1100m Good CL1 $2,800 Darrel Grenfell 53.5kg Barrier 3
1st Tadamy 54kg, 2nd Snipora 54kg 1:05.85 5-1
4th of 6
MEEK 27Sep99
MEEK 27Sep99 1200m Good CL2-SW $3,000 Michael Harris 54kg Barrier 4
1st Arctic Towers 54.5kg, 2nd Healsville 56.5kg 1:12.75, 2L 4-1
1st of 6
MEEK 27Sep99
MEEK 27Sep99 1200m Good MDN-SW $3,000 ($1,860) Eddy McGuire 55kg Barrier 1
2nd Block 'n' Tackle 56.5kg, 3rd Green Force 56.5kg 1:13.28, 1.5L 5-4
2nd of 6
MEEK 25Sep99
MEEK 25Sep99 1000m Good MDN-SW $3,000 ($700) Michael Harris 55kg Barrier 1
1st Healsville 56.5kg, 3rd Block 'n' Tackle 56.5kg 0:58.82, 2.5L 4-6
3rd of 6
MT M 11Sep99
MT M 11Sep99 1000m Good MDN-SW $3,500 ($350) Eddy McGuire 54.5kg Barrier 4
1st De La Hoya 54kg, 2nd Ebony Salute 54.5kg 0:59.20, 4L 2-1
3rd of 5
NMAN 16Aug99
NMAN 16Aug99 1200m Firm2 CLD $3,250 ($300) Peter Hall 55kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 2
1st Inca King 58.5kg, 2nd Prize 56kg 1:10.56, 4L 5-1
5th of 10
ASCT 30Mar99
ASCT 30Mar99 1600m Firm2 3Y CL6 $8,500 Mr Paul King 52kg Barrier 3
1st Ebonyvale 56kg, 2nd Siada Bint 54kg 1:38.08, 4.8L, 5th@800m, 6th@400m, 8-1/10-1
7th of 10
ASCT 13Mar99
ASCT 13Mar99 1800m Firm2 3Y 1MW $23,500 Jeff Noske 52kg Barrier 9
1st Zanaden 53kg, 2nd Casual Star (NZ) 52kg 1:51.73 (600m 36.11), 10.5L, 4th@800m, 6th@400m, 20-1/16-1
4th of 12
PINJ 06Jan99
PINJ 06Jan99 1200m Firm2 MDN-SW $4,750 ($237) Mrs S O'Donnell 54.5kg Barrier 5
1st Gonda 56kg, 2nd Magic 'n' Luck 55kg 1:13.34, 5L 20-1
13th of 13
NTHM 28Sep98
NTHM 28Sep98 1400m Firm2 MDN-SW $3,400 Jeff Noske 52.5kg Barrier 9
1st Wingsville 49.5kg, 2nd Pago 56kg 1:24.05, 12.8L 14-1
9th of 14
NTHM 17Sep98
NTHM 17Sep98 1250m Firm2 3Y MDN-SW $3,400 Mr Tim Stubberfield 53.5kg Barrier 1
1st Zoffanello 55kg, 2nd Glooch 53.5kg 1:15.87, 9.8L 33-1
9th of 16
NTHM 19Jul98
NTHM 19Jul98 1250m Good3 MDN-SW $3,400 Mrs S O'Donnell 54.5kg Barrier 15
1st Simanto 56kg, 2nd Surprise Remedy 54.5kg 1:15.44, 6.3L 20-1
7th of 12
NTHM 09Jul98
NTHM 09Jul98 1250m Firm2 MDN-SW $3,400 Mrs S O'Donnell 54.5kg Barrier 11
1st Kimgres 56kg, 2nd Antikirama 53.5kg 1:13.93, 3L 50-1
8th of 9
NGIN 26Apr98
NGIN 26Apr98 1200m Firm2 MDN-SW $3,600 Mr Paul King 54.5kg Barrier 5
1st Mccartney 56kg, 2nd Adarka Grey 56kg 1:12.49, 15L 8-1

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