Trainer: Peter Robl

Contact Details
Name: Peter Robl
Telephone: 65478030
Fax: 02 65478030
Trainer Locations
Muswellbrook, 2333
Muswellbrook, 2333
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
12th of 13
QUIR 24Feb12
Palace Rakti
QUIR 24Feb12 1200m Soft5 MDN $10,000 Dale Spriggs 59kg Barrier 9
1st Wodger Wabbit 56kg, 2nd Yes She Can 55.5kg 1:09.98, 13.1L, 5th@800m, 6th@400m, $10/$9/$8
5th of 14
MWBK 19Jan12
Palace Rakti
MWBK 19Jan12 1000m Good4 MDN $10,000 Ms Rachael Murray 59kg (cd 57.5kg) Barrier 4
1st Lucky Ima Cugat 57.5kg, 2nd My Crazy Cat 57.5kg 0:56.50 (600m 33.57), 3L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $5.50/$6.50/$4.40/$4.40
3rd of 14
CESS 09Jan12
Palace Rakti
CESS 09Jan12 900m Good3 MDN-SW $10,000 ($1,000) Ms Rachael Murray 59kg (cd 57.5kg) Barrier 8
1st The Other Dragon 57kg, 2nd Lady Cinnamon 54kg 0:50.58, 3.5L, 3rd@400m, $6/$9/$10/$11
8th of 10
MWBK 10Jul06
MWBK 10Jul06 1750m Good3 CL3 $7,000 Andrew Gibbons 54kg Barrier 3 Rtg 52
1st Silver Spanner 51kg, 2nd Sterling Miss 54kg 1:49.42 (600m 37.70), 5L, $6/$5.50
8th of 13
CESS 04Jul06
Mythical Miss
CESS 04Jul06 900m Good3 MDN $7,000 Barry Gatenby 54kg Barrier 10
1st Quickly 55kg, 2nd Little Topar 54kg 0:51.99, 7.9L, $13/$15
5th of 11
MWBK 27Jun06
MWBK 27Jun06 1750m Soft5 CL2 $6,000 Wayne Weate 54kg Barrier 9 Rtg 53
1st Deregulation 54kg, 2nd Fat Quarters 54kg 1:50.85 (600m 35.78), 2.6L, $9/$10
4th of 13
SCNE 13Jun06
SCNE 13Jun06 1600m Good3 CL2 $7,000 ($350) Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 8 Rtg 53
1st Beach Bum 56kg, 2nd Skymist 55.5kg 1:39.31, 1.9L, $13/$13
4th of 13
SCNE 13Jun06
Mythical Miss
SCNE 13Jun06 900m Good3 MDN $6,000 Kanichiro Fujii 54kg Barrier 4
1st For Action 55.5kg, 2nd Claim to Vain 54.5kg 0:52.40, 10.2L, $10/$21
7th of 14
MWBK 06Jun06
MWBK 06Jun06 1280m Good3 CL2 $8,000 Grant Buckley 54kg Barrier 14 Rtg 54
1st Our Gangstar 54kg, 2nd Forest Path 56.5kg 1:17.05, 3.5L, $8/$8
7th of 14
TAMW 30Apr06
TAMW 30Apr06 1400m Good3 CL3 $10,000 Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 14 Rtg 55
1st Van Buren 56kg, 2nd Hurstland 54kg 1:24.76, 3.9L, $15/$21/$15
9th of 12
SCNE 18Apr06
SCNE 18Apr06 1300m Soft5 CL2 $6,000 Nigel Seymour 54.5kg Barrier 5 Rtg 56
1st Young Eagle 53kg, 2nd French Pioneer 54kg 1:22.27, 3.3L, $6/$6
10th of 10
SCNE 31Jan06
Mythical Miss
SCNE 31Jan06 1100m Good3 3UP MDN-SW $6,000 Robbie Brewer 54.5kg Barrier 7
1st Shinko Sensei 56.5kg, 2nd Laurie's Lad 57.5kg 1:04.20, 9.4L, $31/$51/$31
6th of 12
MWBK 15Jan06
Mythical Miss
MWBK 15Jan06 1000m Good3 MDN $6,000 Robbie Brewer 54kg Barrier 12
1st Lochron 57kg, 2nd On the Grass 54kg 0:59.11 (600m 34.82), 6.5L, $51/$51
11th of 11
NCLE 26Dec05
Mythical Miss
NCLE 26Dec05 1200m Good3 F&M MDN-SW $10,000 George Scimone 56kg Barrier 4
1st Parity 57kg, 2nd Imaballerina 56kg 1:12.58 (600m 34.98), 14.4L, $15/$21
4th of 6
SCNE 08Nov05
SCNE 08Nov05 1600m Good3 CL5 $8,000 ($400) Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 3 Rtg 57
1st With a Chance 54.5kg, 2nd Chin Emperor 54kg 1:37.30, 5.1L, $4.6/$5.50
1st of 10
MWBK 31Oct05
MWBK 31Oct05 1750m Soft5 CL1 $7,000 ($4,550) Jeff Penza 54.5kg Barrier 4 Rtg 53
2nd Worrisome 54kg, 3rd Stunning Spirit 52kg 1:46.63 (600m 36.72), 2.3L, $5/$6
4th of 12
SCNE 17Oct05
SCNE 17Oct05 1600m Soft7 CL1 $7,000 ($350) Jeff Penza 55kg Barrier 11 Rtg 54
1st Glimmerena 55kg, 2nd Stunning Spirit 51kg 1:41.56, 5.4L, $13/$9/$8
8th of 8
SCNE 17Oct05
SCNE 17Oct05 1300m Soft7 CL5 $8,000 Adrian Layt 54kg Barrier 4 Rtg 58
1st Tottenham Court 54kg, 2nd Dan City 58.5kg 1:20.59, 15.7L, $26/$26
8th of 11
SCNE 23Sep05
Circus Maximus
SCNE 23Sep05 900m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 Jeff Penza 57.5kg Barrier 6
1st Red Violet 55.5kg, 2nd Supreme Heir 57.5kg 0:53.90, 8.8L, $4/$4.60
7th of 10
SCNE 23Sep05
SCNE 23Sep05 1100m Good3 CL6 $7,000 Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 10 Rtg 59
1st Lightning Johann 54kg, 2nd Racy Affair 54kg 1:05.60, 6.1L, $31/$81
5th of 12
SCNE 23Sep05
SCNE 23Sep05 1300m Good3 CL2 $7,000 Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 1 Rtg 54
1st Classic Sal 54kg, 2nd Western City 56.5kg 1:19.55, 1.5L, $11/$21/$13
1st of 13
MWBK 28Jun05
MWBK 28Jun05 1280m Soft5 MDN $6,000 ($4,200) Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 10
2nd Midnight Monday (NZ) 55kg, 3rd The Planner 51kg 1:18.00 (600m 36.02), 1.8L, $10/$9
5th of 12
MWBK 06Dec04
Circus Maximus
MWBK 06Dec04 1280m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 Ryan Wiggins 56.5kg Barrier 7
1st Green Spec 56.5kg, 2nd Montana's Way 54.5kg 1:15.90 (600m 36.28), 3.3L $6
5th of 14
TAMW 04Dec04
TAMW 04Dec04 1400m Good3 MDN-SW $3,500 Wayne Weate 57.5kg Barrier 8
1st Victory Charm 57.5kg, 2nd Flash Pride 54kg 1:23.54, 3.6L $3.40
5th of 14
TAMW 28Nov04
Circus Maximus
TAMW 28Nov04 1200m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 Michael Squires 56.5kg Barrier 7
1st Tige 57.5kg, 2nd Spicey Secret 54.5kg 1:10.20, 3.4L, $6/$6
6th of 14
SCNE 23Nov04
SCNE 23Nov04 1600m Good3 CL1 $6,000 Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 14 Rtg 51
1st Quest for Fortune 53.5kg, 2nd Golden Girl 54kg 1:36.40, 4L, $10/$12/$11
3rd of 10
MWBK 01Nov04
MWBK 01Nov04 1750m Good3 CL1 $7,000 ($700) Terry Treichel 54kg Barrier 6 Rtg 49
1st High in the Sky 54.5kg, 2nd Alackajaz 54kg 1:46.62 (600m 36.81), 1.9L, $16/$26
6th of 6
NCLE 16Oct04
NCLE 16Oct04 1850m Good3 CL1 $9,000 Jason Lee 53kg Barrier 4 Rtg 51
1st It's Raining Money 54kg, 2nd Thy Spur 53kg 1:54.94 (600m 36.01), 8.5L, $16/$51/$31
6th of 8
NCLE 02Oct04
NCLE 02Oct04 1500m Soft7 RST MDN $9,000 Mr Mark Newnham 55kg Barrier 7
1st It's Raining Money 53kg, 2nd Much Too Clever 51.5kg 1:35.23 (600m 38.23), 7.9L, $6/$9
3rd of 14
SCNE 24Sep04
SCNE 24Sep04 1300m Good3 MDN $5,000 ($500) Jeff Penza 56kg Barrier 11
1st Autumn Wings 54.5kg, 2nd Citiscene 54kg 1:20.36 (600m 35.34), 2.4L, $7/$8
5th of 7
MWBK 11Sep04
MWBK 11Sep04 1280m Soft7 CL1 $4,000 Peter Losh 54.5kg Barrier 5 Rtg 52
1st Carry the King 55.5kg, 2nd Fanatical 54kg 1:18.56, 12.5L $5.50
11th of 12
GUNN 09May04
GUNN 09May04 1400m Good3 MDN-SW $5,000 Michael Squires 57.5kg Barrier 8
1st Little Miss Leica 55.5kg, 2nd Bear Claw 54kg 1:24.15, 10L, $4.4/$5
2nd of 12
SCNE 20Apr04
SCNE 20Apr04 1300m Good3 MDN-SW $5,000 ($1,000) Michael Squires 57.5kg Barrier 6
1st Vasspour 57.5kg, 3rd High in the Sky 57kg 1:19.33 (600m 36.03), 3L, $7/$8
4th of 13
MWBK 03Apr04
MWBK 03Apr04 1280m Good3 MDN-SW $4,000 Roly Saxton 57.5kg Barrier 6
1st Redemptive Lad 57.5kg, 2nd Bourbon Alley 57kg 1:17.77 (600m 36.85), 1.2L $13
1st of 13
SCNE 17Nov03
All About Me
SCNE 17Nov03 1600m Good3 CL1-SW $6,000 ($4,200) Terry Treichel 56kg Barrier 13
2nd Allende 56kg, 3rd Soprano Miss (NZ) 54kg 1:39.16 (600m 37.97), 0.5L, $6/$6
3rd of 7
MWBK 04Nov03
All About Me
MWBK 04Nov03 1450m Good3 F&M CL1 $7,000 ($700) Terry Treichel 54kg Barrier 2
1st My Dear 55kg, 2nd Allende 52.5kg 1:29.21 (600m 36.74), 0.6L, $4.4/$5
8th of 13
SCNE 20Oct03
All About Me
SCNE 20Oct03 1100m Soft5 CL1 $6,000 Jeff Penza 54kg Barrier 7
1st Trobriand 56.5kg, 2nd Contessa Star 55kg 1:06.25 (600m 36.96), 6L, $15/$26
4th of 7
NCLE 06Sep03
All About Me
NCLE 06Sep03 1500m Good3 CL2 $9,000 ($450) George Scimone 53kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 2
1st Oakfield Rose 53.5kg, 2nd Peculiar 55kg 1:30.25 (600m 35.85), 4.7L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $31/$41
8th of 14
CESS 29Aug03
All About Me
CESS 29Aug03 1350m Good3 CL1 $6,000 Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 5
1st Jamaica Farewell 56kg, 2nd Spy Chase 55kg 1:24.15, 3.9L, $15/$17
3rd of 8
SCNE 11Aug03
All About Me
SCNE 11Aug03 1100m Soft5 CL1 $7,000 ($700) Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 5
1st Muhayaa's Hope 54.5kg, 2nd Sagacious Star 55.5kg 1:05.20 (600m 35.23), 4.2L, $6/$8
3rd of 11
SCNE 27May03
All About Me
SCNE 27May03 1600m Soft5 CL1-SW $6,000 ($600) Michael Squires 56kg Barrier 9
1st Dark Emperor 55kg, 2nd Piper Jo 56kg 1:38.45 (600m 36.35), 2.1L, $13/$17
6th of 11
TAMW 18May03
All About Me
TAMW 18May03 1600m Good3 CL1 $7,000 Cody Morgan (a) 55kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Jewel Time 55kg, 2nd Sports Affair 56.5kg 1:37.38, 7L, $5.5/$7
5th of 10
MWBK 29Apr03
All About Me
MWBK 29Apr03 1750m Soft5 CL2 $7,000 Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 7
1st Portland Singa (NZ) 55.5kg, 2nd Strategic Star 54.5kg 1:48.75 (600m 37.35), 4.5L, $9/$13
4th of 8
NCLE 19Apr03
All About Me
NCLE 19Apr03 1600m Soft7 CL1 $8,000 ($400) George Scimone 53kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 1
1st Waterman (NZ) 50kg, 2nd Senorita Peta (NZ) 56.5kg 1:40.81 (600m 37.10), 4.3L, 6th@800m, 7th@400m, $13/$21
9th of 11
MWBK 11Apr03
All About Me
MWBK 11Apr03 1550m Good3 CL2 $7,000 Wayne Weate 54kg Barrier 9
1st Legal Brief 56kg, 2nd Portland Singa (NZ) 54.5kg 1:35.61 (600m 36.78), 8L, $17/$21
1st of 12
SCNE 21Mar03
All About Me
SCNE 21Mar03 1300m Good3 MDN $5,000 ($3,500) Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 2
2nd Sutton Dancer 54kg, 3rd Nice Pins 54.5kg 1:18.27 (600m 36.62), 0.1L, $8/$10
9th of 14
SCNE 17Jan03
Our Kara
SCNE 17Jan03 1300m Good3 MDN $5,000 Peter Losh 54.5kg Barrier 9
1st Satinet 54kg, 2nd High Calypso 57.5kg 1:18.22, 4.3L, $8/$8
3rd of 12
SCNE 29Dec02
Our Kara
SCNE 29Dec02 1300m Good3 MDN $6,000 ($600) Peter Losh 54kg Barrier 4
1st Oi Oi Oi 54kg, 2nd High Calypso 56.5kg 1:19.77 (600m 35.39), 3L, $13/$15
7th of 10
WYNG 19Dec02
Our Kara
WYNG 19Dec02 1600m Good3 MDN $10,000 Grant Buckley 53kg Barrier 5
1st Sky Lyric 54.5kg, 2nd Danished 53kg 1:39.33 (600m 36.93), 11.1L, 6th@800m, 8th@400m, $13/$17/$12
2nd of 7
MWBK 05Nov02
Lemon Tree Kid
MWBK 05Nov02 1280m Good3 E&G MDN $6,000 ($1,200) Michael Squires 54kg Barrier 2
1st Zipper's Son 54.5kg, 3rd Why the Long Face 55kg 1:18.20 (600m 35.22), 0.3L $9

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