Trainer: Mark Newnham

Trainer Locations
Cranbourne, 3977
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
12th of 12
SEYM 06Jul13
Span of Light
SEYM 06Jul13 1400m Good4 2UP MDN-SW $15,000 Ms Sally Wynne 56.5kg Barrier 5
1st Rose of Texas 58.5kg, 2nd Connection (NZ) 58.5kg 1:26.26 (600m 35.30), 28.35L, 5th@800m, 5th@400m, $17/$21/$21
12th of 12
GEES 21Jun13
Span of Light
GEES 21Jun13 1000m Synthetic 2UP MDN-SW $17,500 Ms Sally Wynne 56.5kg Barrier 6
1st Excellent Flight 56kg, 2nd Three Bears 56.5kg 0:59.40 (600m 34.44), 19.4L, 11th@800m, 12th@400m, $31/$81/$81
12th of 12
CLAC 26Feb12
Span of Light
CLAC 26Feb12 1200m Good3 MDN-SW $13,000 Mr Brent Evans 56.5kg Barrier 9
1st Littleriver Ruby 56.5kg, 2nd Country Song 58.5kg 1:12.45, 19.6L, 12th@800m, 12th@400m, $26/$26
8th of 10
PAK 10Feb12
Span of Light
PAK 10Feb12 1000m Good4 MDN-SW $12,000 ($250) Mr Peter Mertens 56.5kg Barrier 6
1st Mr Bandit Country (NZ) 58kg, 2nd Flying Kyle 58kg 0:58.89 (600m 35.76), 11.15L, 8th@800m, 9th@400m, $6/$9/$10/$10
9th of 12
TRAR 11May96
Ice Light
TRAR 11May96 1430m Good3 CL1 $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 53kg Barrier 6
1st Chrisbenoll 56.5kg, 2nd Victory Crest 54.5kg 1:26.40, 6.6L, 10-1/12-1
8th of 10
MOE 25Apr96
Ice Light
MOE 25Apr96 1600m Soft7 CL1 $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 53kg Barrier 2
1st Peacehaven 52.5kg, 2nd Creme de Salary 55kg 1:43.80, 20.9L, 7-1/8-1/7-1
11th of 14
BDLE 06Apr96
Ice Light
BDLE 06Apr96 1200m Good3 CL1 $4,000 Mr Ken Scott 53kg Barrier 3
1st Come On Missy 56.5kg, 2nd Lex Scripta 53.5kg 1:11.50, 4.3L 4-1
12th of 14
Y VL 23Mar96
Ice Light
Y VL 23Mar96 1000m Good3 CL1 $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 53.5kg Barrier 12
1st Majestic Rory 58kg, 2nd Star of Renouncing 56kg 0:59.60, 8.9L, 20-1/33-1
5th of 8
BALN 11Mar96
Sterling Park
BALN 11Mar96 1200m Firm2 PIC-CLD $650 Ms Robyn Orrlov 61kg Barrier 5
1st Colguiney 63kg, 2nd Mickey Magic 63kg 1:12.70, 4.2L 12-1
4th of 4
WMAI 03Feb96
Sterling Park
WMAI 03Feb96 1000m Good3 PIC-CLB $500 Mr Gavin Brady 63kg Barrier 4
1st Zigzag 63.5kg, 2nd Lutine Bell 63kg 1:00.30, 7.1L 6-1
12th of 12
SALE 04Jul95
Ice Light
SALE 04Jul95 1700m Soft5 CL2 $7,000 Mr Ian Virtue 52kg Barrier 7
1st False Witness 50.5kg, 2nd Demijon 52kg 1:49.50, 13.3L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, 14-1/16-1/14-1
5th of 14
Y VL 24Jun95
Ice Light
Y VL 24Jun95 1500m Heavy10 CL1 $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 54kg Barrier 7
1st Texan King 55kg, 2nd Our Rising Star 54kg 1:41.90, 5.9L, 8-1/10-1/8-1
1st of 11
MORN 10Jun95
Ice Light
MORN 10Jun95 1600m Heavy10 F&M MDN-SW $5,000 ($3,250) Mr Ian Virtue 55.5kg Barrier 2
2nd Street Angel 55kg, 3rd Constant Pressure 55kg 1:52.40, 0.8L, 14-1/20-1
12th of 14
CRAN 03Jun95
Ice Light
CRAN 03Jun95 1600m Soft5 MDN-SW $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 55.5kg Barrier 10
1st Stylish Bird 55kg, 2nd Nugget's Nephew 57kg 1:41.90, 11L, 7-1/12-1
9th of 14
PAK 20May95
Ice Light
PAK 20May95 1400m Soft5 MDN-SW $5,000 Mr Ian Virtue 55.5kg Barrier 14
1st Brigalert 57kg, 2nd Feng Shui 56.5kg 1:29.40, 5.7L, 5-1/8-1
3rd of 13
S CK 05May95
Ice Light
S CK 05May95 1100m Heavy10 MDN-SW $5,000 ($500) Mr Ian Virtue 55.5kg Barrier 3
1st Gold Rabos 57kg, 2nd Walking Stick 55.5kg 1:13.30, 2.2L, 9-2/6-1
7th of 13
CRAN 26Apr95
Ice Light
CRAN 26Apr95 1300m Soft5 MDN-SW $6,500 Mr Ian Virtue 55.5kg Barrier 9
1st Mr. Lotto 55.5kg, 2nd Chinook 54kg 1:21.00, 4L, 11th@800m, 8th@400m, 8-1/12-1
1st of 10
BALN 17Apr95
Sterling Park
BALN 17Apr95 1200m Heavy10 PIC-CLD $460 ($340) Mr Gavin Brady 61kg (cd 62kg) Barrier 4
2nd Rapdans 61.5kg, 3rd Woodsmoke 61.5kg 1:15.80, 2L 12-1
5th of 12
SALE 02Sep94
Ice Light
SALE 02Sep94 1600m Good3 MDN-SW $5,000 Ivan Culliver 55.5kg Barrier 12
1st Madrigal Man 57kg, 2nd Mcnaught 53.5kg 1:38.70, 2.3L, 4-1/7-1
4th of 11
ECHA 21Aug94
Ice Light
ECHA 21Aug94 1200m Good3 MDN-SW $3,500 ($175) Ivan Culliver 55.5kg Barrier 7
1st Bellotic 57kg, 2nd Ollieco 55.5kg 1:12.50, 4.8L, 7-2/6-1/5-1
4th of 12
BDLE 06Aug94
Ice Light
BDLE 06Aug94 1100m Good3 MDN-SW $3,500 ($175) Barry Wyatt 55.5kg Barrier 10
1st Virginia Springs 52kg, 2nd Mr. Sneaker 57kg 1:05.90, 1L 7-2
10th of 10
CAUL 18May94
Ice Light
CAUL 18May94 1600m Soft5 3YF-1MW $13,500 Mr Dale Short 51kg Barrier 6
1st Courtly Qualms 54kg, 3rd Rue St. Honore 49kg 1:38.90, 14.5L, 16-1/20-1
7th of 14
GEEL 30Apr94
Ice Light
GEEL 30Apr94 1400m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $5,000 Michael Heagney 53.5kg Barrier 14
1st Artesia 55kg, 2nd Sovereign Suite 55kg 1:26.80, 5.8L, 8-1/10-1
3rd of 11
SEYM 25Apr94
Sterling Park
SEYM 25Apr94 1400m Good3 PIC-CLA $400 ($60) Ms K Briggs 61kg Barrier 11
1st Duddly Will 61kg 1:27.00, 4L 8-1
3rd of 13
MORN 16Apr94
Ice Light
MORN 16Apr94 1200m Soft5 3Y MDN-SW $4,000 ($480) Mr Darryn Murphy 53.5kg Barrier 6
0:00.00, 1.9L, 8-1/14-1/7-1
6th of 12
PAK 26Feb94
Sterling Park
PAK 26Feb94 1000m Firm2 PIC-CLD $500 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 1
1st Indian 61.5kg, 2nd Wakanda 69.5kg 0:58.70, 5.3L 20-1
7th of 7
WMAI 18Dec93
Sterling Park
WMAI 18Dec93 1500m Good3 PIC-CLD $400 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 5
1st Vatican Red 61.5kg, 2nd Red Pick 64kg 1:35.80, 7.2L 10-1
14th of 14
CRAN 12Dec93
Ice Light
CRAN 12Dec93 1300m Soft5 3Y MDN-SW $4,000 Barry Wyatt 53.5kg Barrier 12
1st Suprema 53.5kg, 2nd Mum's New Car (NZ) 55kg 1:19.90, 24.5L, 9-2/8-1
10th of 11
Y VL 11Dec93
Sterling Park
Y VL 11Dec93 1500m Good3 PIC-CLD $500 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 4
1st Zannett 63kg, 2nd Baron Rothbart 66kg 1:32.10, 7.3L 16-1
2nd of 13
S CK 04Dec93
Ice Light
S CK 04Dec93 1100m Firm2 3Y MDN-SW $3,500 ($685) Barry Wyatt 53.5kg Barrier 2
1st Mr. Lightning 55kg, 2nd Grandaman 55kg 1:06.80, 0.5L 3-1
4th of 7
WMAI 27Nov93
Sterling Park
WMAI 27Nov93 1500m Good3 PIC-CLD $350 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 6
1st Baron Rothbart 64.5kg, 2nd Saka 66.5kg 1:35.00, 4.7L 8-1
5th of 9
BALN 13Nov93
Sterling Park
BALN 13Nov93 1200m Soft7 PIC-CLA $400 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 9
1st Baron Rothbart 65kg, 2nd Better Hope 63.5kg 1:17.40, 2.7L 9-1
4th of 11
SEYM 25Apr93
Sterling Park
SEYM 25Apr93 1400m Good3 PIC-CLA $350 Ms M Hudson 61.5kg Barrier 2
1st Ipsambul 66.5kg, 2nd Cresta Cocktail 61kg 1:26.50, 5.6L 10-1
9th of 10
BDLE 10Apr93
Sterling Park
BDLE 10Apr93 1200m Firm2 CL1 $4,000 K Kasek 53.5kg Barrier 9
1st Battle Ensign 56.5kg, 2nd Time to Check 54kg 1:10.70, 6.9L 16-1
6th of 7
DROU 04Apr92
Sterling Park
DROU 04Apr92 1650m Firm2 PIC-CLD $400 Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 1
2nd Glacial Stream 62.5kg, 3rd Riverzam 62.5kg 0:00.00, 5.9L 3-1
1st of 4
SWCK 09Mar92
Sterling Park
SWCK 09Mar92 1600m Firm2 PIC-CLB $400 ($250) Ms M Hudson 61.5kg Barrier 1
1:43.00 1-1
7th of 10
PAK 29Feb92
Sterling Park
PAK 29Feb92 1750m Firm2 PIC-CLA $500 Ms M Hudson 61.5kg Barrier 2
3rd Alamana 64.5kg 0:00.00, 8.6L 15-1
3rd of 4
BCHN 15Feb92
Sterling Park
BCHN 15Feb92 1700m Good3 PIC-CLB $300 ($40) Ms M Hudson 63kg Barrier 1
0:00.00, 10.1L 7-4
7th of 9
WMAI 18Jan92
Sterling Park
WMAI 18Jan92 1450m Good3 PIC-CLD $400 Mr Trevor Edwards 61kg Barrier 3
1st Star Behold 64.5kg, 2nd Gipsy Loose 63kg 1:31.60, 7L 6-1
7th of 9
PAK 01Jan92
Sterling Park
PAK 01Jan92 1400m Soft5 PIC-CLD $400 Ms Debbie Waymouth 57.5kg Barrier 9
3rd Glacial Stream 60kg, 5th Mighty Cantrelle 59.5kg 0:00.00, 5.5L 5-1
3rd of 12
HEAL 30Nov91
Sterling Park
HEAL 30Nov91 1200m Good3 PIC-CLB $400 ($50) Mr P Scott 62.5kg Barrier 6
1st Cardinal Moon 62.5kg 1:13.30, 8.8L 10-1
3rd of 4
SEYM 25Apr91
Sterling Park
SEYM 25Apr91 1400m Soft5 PIC-CLD $350 ($60) Ms M Hudson 57.5kg Barrier 1
0:00.00, 1.6L 9-4
2nd of 7
PAK 06Apr91
Sterling Park
PAK 06Apr91 1400m Good3 PIC-CLD $500 ($100) Ms M Hudson 57kg Barrier 1
3rd Glacial Stream 59kg 0:00.00, 2L 7-1
5th of 9
HEAL 23Mar91
Sterling Park
HEAL 23Mar91 1200m Soft5 PIC-CLD $400 Ms M Hudson 57kg Barrier 4
3rd Glacial Stream 58kg, 4th Florence Anne 58kg 0:00.00, 7.1L 10-1
1st of 4
SWCK 11Mar91
Sterling Park
SWCK 11Mar91 1000m Firm2 PIC-MDN $300 ($175) Ms M Hudson 61.5kg Barrier 4
3rd Canny Vesper 64kg 1:00.50 11-4
2nd of 3
HMJE 09Mar91
Sterling Park
HMJE 09Mar91 1200m Firm2 PIC-CLB $330 ($75) Ms M Hudson 61kg Barrier 1
0:00.00, 4L 6-4
5th of 8
MANS 27Oct90
Sterling Park
MANS 27Oct90 1600m Good3 PIC-MDN $450 Ms M Hudson 63kg Barrier 8
6th County Beau 65kg 0:00.00, 7.6L 16-1
10th of 12
BDLE 13Oct90
Sterling Park
BDLE 13Oct90 1600m Heavy10 MDN-SW $3,500 Brian Griffin 57kg Barrier 3
3rd Unreserved 53.5kg 0:00.00, 25.2L 25-1
12th of 14
MORN 07Oct90
Sterling Park
MORN 07Oct90 1500m Good3 MDN-SW $4,500 K Kasek 57kg Barrier 6
2nd Imperial Silk 54.5kg, 13th Leica Hawk (NZ) 57kg 0:00.00, 15.6L 100-1
10th of 12
TOC 29Sep90
Sterling Park
TOC 29Sep90 1300m Firm2 MDN $1,200 Leslie Jones 56.5kg Barrier 2
4th Stylish Hometown 56kg, 11th Beau Levant 53kg 0:00.00, 11.8L 14-1

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