Trainer: Scott Singleton

Trainer Locations
Kilmore, 3764
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
5th of 10
TAT 13Mar98
TAT 13Mar98 1150m Good3 MDN-SW $5,700 Les Beer 54kg Barrier 6
1st Love And Glory 55.5kg, 2nd Steel Finito 57kg 1:08.70, 3.3L, 10-1/12-1
9th of 13
TAT 14Dec97
TAT 14Dec97 1000m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $5,000 Colin Browell 54kg Barrier 4
1st Tap Him 55.5kg, 2nd Family Haven 54kg 0:59.00, 5L, 6-1/10-1
4th of 10
BDGO 25Sep97
Stay With June
BDGO 25Sep97 1000m Good3 CL1 $10,500 ($262) Nash Rawiller 57kg Barrier 3
1st Lord Quickstep (NZ) 58kg, 2nd Most Elegant 55.5kg 0:58.80, 5.8L, 2nd@400m 4-1
3rd of 7
SEYM 02Sep97
Stay With June
SEYM 02Sep97 1000m Heavy10 F&M CL1 $8,000 ($800) Nash Rawiller 56.5kg Barrier 1
1st Titian Vicki 49kg, 2nd Our Miss Earl 52.5kg 1:03.20, 1L, 2nd@400m, 7-4/5-2
2nd of 12
ECHA 24Aug97
Stay With June
ECHA 24Aug97 1000m Soft5 F&M CL1 $5,000 ($1,000) Nash Rawiller 58kg Barrier 10
1st Our Miss Earl 53.5kg, 3rd Neelia 56kg 1:00.40, 0.1L, 4-5/4-6
4th of 13
WERR 05Aug97
Stay With June
WERR 05Aug97 1100m Good3 CL1 $9,500 ($475) Steven Vella 56kg Barrier 10
1st Arlington Row (NZ) 54kg, 2nd Objectives 57kg 1:05.90, 0.7L, 3rd@400m, 4-1/7-2
5th of 9
M V 26Jul97
Stay With June
M V 26Jul97 1000m Soft5 3YF HCP $37,000 ($740) Steven Vella 51kg Barrier 9
1st Comedy Cafe 57.5kg, 2nd Las Classique 54kg 0:59.70 (600m 35.77), 2.7L, 5th@400m, 25-1/33-1
7th of 12
BDGO 03May97
Stay With June
BDGO 03May97 1000m Good3 CL2 $5,000 Les Beer 55kg Barrier 3
1st Rosney 56kg, 2nd Roux County 53.5kg 0:59.80, 6L, 5-1/6-1/5-1
6th of 14
BDGO 17Apr97
Stay With June
BDGO 17Apr97 1100m Good3 CL1 $11,000 Gavin Eades 56.5kg Barrier 10
1st Copeland 56kg, 2nd Mal Nemuca 57kg 1:05.40, 3.2L, 5th@400m, 5-1/6-1
7th of 11
FLEM 01Dec96
Stay With June
FLEM 01Dec96 1000m Good3 3YF-1MW $25,000 Steven King 53.5kg Barrier 1
1st Comedy Cafe 55.5kg, 2nd Love And Glory 53kg 0:57.90 (600m 33.90), 7.7L, 6th@400m 10-1

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