Trainer: Geoff Burns

Contact Details
Name: Geoff Burns
Telephone: 02 4353 3007
Trainer Locations
Tuncurry, 2428
Port Macquarie, 2444
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
12th of 12
TAR 06Aug02
Favours Unlimited
TAR 06Aug02 1400m Good3 CL4 $6,000 Peter Losh 54kg Barrier 1
1st Mr. Professional 52.5kg, 2nd Painter's Brush 58kg 1:26.30, 17.4L, $21/$26
3rd of 14
COFF 01Aug02
COFF 01Aug02 1200m Good3 CL2 $12,000 ($1,200) Bruce Compton 54.5kg Barrier 12
1st St. Tevoc 55.5kg, 2nd Classic Flyer 54.5kg 1:10.24 (600m 36.19), 2.6L, $6/$8
1st of 14
TAR 22Jul02
TAR 22Jul02 1000m Good3 CL2 $7,000 ($4,550) Bruce Compton 54.5kg Barrier 12
2nd Never Jest 54kg, 3rd Halidon 54kg 0:58.52, 1.5L, $6.5/$6/$7.50
2nd of 12
P MQ 13Jul02
P MQ 13Jul02 1012m Good3 CL1 $4,000 ($800) Bruce Compton 54.5kg Barrier 9
1st Advisory Council 54.5kg, 3rd Never Jest 54kg 1:00.36 (600m 35.39), 0.4L $7
11th of 11
P MQ 13Jul02
Call Me Prince
P MQ 13Jul02 1212m Good3 2YO MDN-SW $4,000 Ms Amanda Boothman (a) 57.5kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 1
1st Roussel 55.5kg, 2nd Sorrento Gold 52.5kg 1:14.56 (600m 37.16), 6.8L $13
8th of 10
P MQ 30Jun02
I'm Lilly
P MQ 30Jun02 1000m Soft5 MDN-SW $5,000 Matthew Paget 55.5kg Barrier 8
1st Poljica 54.5kg, 2nd Glenrock Forest 55.5kg 1:01.26 (600m 36.48), 6.5L, $13/$21
4th of 6
P MQ 14Jun02
Call Me Prince
P MQ 14Jun02 1200m Soft5 2YO HCP $5,000 Graham Coleman 56kg Barrier 3
1st Bell Place 55.5kg, 2nd Cosmic Star 54kg 1:13.66 (600m 36.03), 13.8L, $8/$15
11th of 12
P MQ 14Jun02
I'm Lilly
P MQ 14Jun02 1400m Soft5 MDN-SW $5,000 Terry Treichel 55.5kg Barrier 12
1st Asseyouth 57.5kg, 2nd Shortan Sharp 57.5kg 1:28.06 (600m 37.43), 11.5L, $17/$21
10th of 10
P MQ 04May02
Philly in Disguise
P MQ 04May02 1212m Heavy10 MDN-SW $4,000 Adam Nicholls 55.5kg Barrier 10
1st Go the Distance 57.5kg, 2nd Rodeo Chute Out 57.5kg 1:17.04, 20.4L $16
2nd of 5
P MQ 04May02
P MQ 04May02 1112m Heavy10 CLASS 1 $4,000 ($800) Bruce Compton 54.5kg Barrier 4
1st Cut a Caper 53kg, 3rd Turn the Tap 55.5kg 1:09.22, 4L $3.60
3rd of 10
COFF 19Apr02
COFF 19Apr02 1012m Soft5 CLASS 1 $5,000 ($500) Bruce Compton 54kg Barrier 3
1st Yukon Miner 54.5kg, 2nd Yamashita 54kg 0:59.20R (600m 36.49), 1.3L $11
9th of 12
P MQ 14Apr02
Philly in Disguise
P MQ 14Apr02 1012m Good3 F&M MDN-SW $5,000 Bruce Compton 57kg Barrier 8
1st A Penny 57kg, 2nd Belle Ringer 57kg 1:00.33, 9.5L, $17/$21
4th of 13
TAR 07Apr02
TAR 07Apr02 1000m Soft5 CLASS 1 $5,000 Bruce Compton 54kg Barrier 10
1st Blinder 55kg, 2nd Classic Dane 56.5kg 1:00.26, 3L, $13/$21

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