Trainer: Bruce Cross

Trainer Locations
Yarra Valley, 3775
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
8th of 11
CRAN 26May02
CRAN 26May02 1200m Soft7 3Y MDN-SW $10,000 Ms Jade Darose 54kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 9
1st Club Red 56.5kg, 2nd Our Monarch 56.5kg 1:14.59, 8.3L, $2.25/$4.60
7th of 14
MOE 19May02
MOE 19May02 1200m Heavy10 MDN-SW $10,000 Noel Callow 57kg Barrier 5
1st Djorkaeff 57kg, 2nd Rightfully Ours 57kg 1:13.88, 11.8L, $6/$7
5th of 14
WKBL 13May02
WKBL 13May02 1200m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $7,000 Mr Ashley Jones 54kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 11
1st Avalanche 56.5kg, 2nd Canny Circle 56.5kg 1:12.25, 5.9L, 2nd@800m, 7th@400m $6
3rd of 14
Y VL 27Apr02
Y VL 27Apr02 1210m Heavy10 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 ($1,300) Rikki Cartwright 54kg Barrier 4
1st Arch Triumph 56.5kg, 2nd Vanish 54kg 1:16.13, 3.8L, $6/$6
6th of 13
Y VL 27Apr02
Y VL 27Apr02 1210m Heavy10 MDN-SW $6,000 Vlad Duric 56.5kg Barrier 8
1st Defined Spirit 57kg, 2nd Lucky Run 54.5kg 1:16.82, 3.2L, $11/$13
3rd of 11
Y VL 09Apr02
Y VL 09Apr02 1210m Good3 MDN-SW $8,000 ($800) Ms Jade Darose 54kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 8
1st Sir Bounty 57kg, 2nd Lipstick Bleu 54kg 1:11.34, 5.1L, 3rd@800m, 3rd@400m, $4/$5.5/$5
5th of 9
MOE 02Feb02
MOE 02Feb02 1600m Good3 CL3 $6,000 James Winks 52kg Barrier 7
1st The Swy 50kg, 2nd Brequillo 50.5kg 1:38.63, 1.5L, $11/$13
12th of 13
MORN 01Feb02
Gold Eclipse
MORN 01Feb02 2000m Good3 MDN-SW $9,000 Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 56.5kg Barrier 6
1st Our Bullbaa 56.5kg, 2nd Trait (NZ) 56.5kg 2:06.89, 17.9L, 11th@800m, 12th@400m, $21/$71
7th of 11
Y VL 25Jan02
Y VL 25Jan02 1500m Soft5 CL3 $10,000 Vincent Caddy 52kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 4
1st Paris Rock 56kg, 2nd Tezza Raami 53kg 1:33.71, 7.3L, 5th@800m, 8th@400m, $13/$15
5th of 8
Y VL 09Jan02
Y VL 09Jan02 1500m Good3 CL2 $10,000 Vincent Caddy 53.5kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 8
1st Green Pick 57kg, 2nd The Swy 52.5kg 1:29.57, 5.2L, 5th@800m, 4th@400m, $9/$12
6th of 8
Y VL 09Jan02
Gold Eclipse
Y VL 09Jan02 1500m Good3 MDN-SW $10,000 Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 55.5kg Barrier 3
1st Tweak 55.5kg, 2nd Our Bullbaa 55.5kg 1:30.14, 10.2L, 8th@800m, 8th@400m, $31/$51
2nd of 7
MORN 05Jan02
MORN 05Jan02 1500m Good3 CL3 $7,000 ($1,400) Vincent Caddy 54kg Barrier 2
1st Cornbread 56kg, 3rd Perignon 56.5kg 1:32.15, 2.8L, $13/$21
7th of 8
MORN 28Dec01
Gold Eclipse
MORN 28Dec01 1500m Good3 MDN-SW $9,000 Gavin Eades 55.5kg Barrier 7
1st Sealed Orders 57kg, 2nd Token Ruler 57kg 1:31.43, 7L, 2nd@800m, 2nd@400m, $10/$13
9th of 9
CLAC 22Dec01
CLAC 22Dec01 1600m Good3 CL2 $7,150 Jamie Barnett 53kg Barrier 6
1st Dame Jessie Bambra 53kg, 2nd Rockology (NZ) 58.5kg 1:38.25, 17.2L, $7/$7
9th of 12
BLLA 13Dec01
Gold Eclipse
BLLA 13Dec01 1400m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $10,250 Link Robertson 56.5kg Barrier 12
1st Sausalito 55kg, 2nd We Love Lucy 54kg 1:24.22 (800m 47.51), 12.4L, 8th@800m, 5th@400m, $16/$21
8th of 10
KYNE 10Dec01
KYNE 10Dec01 1469m Good3 CL2 $7,000 Mr Steven Noll 54kg (cd 54.5kg) Barrier 7
1st Perignon 54.5kg, 2nd West View 56kg 1:27.04, 11.4L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m $9
6th of 12
CRAN 27Nov01
CRAN 27Nov01 1200m Soft5 CL2 $8,000 Mr Steven Noll 55.5kg Barrier 10
1st Casa Mia 54.5kg, 2nd General Swamp 57kg 1:11.12, 7.1L, 11th@800m, 11th@400m, $26/$41
14th of 16
MORN 04Nov01
MORN 04Nov01 1500m Soft5 HCP $50,000 Mr Matthew Gatt 53.5kg Barrier 2
1st Arabian Magic 54.5kg, 2nd Classic Benbara 55kg 1:30.03, 8L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $16/$17
8th of 9
ARAT 22Oct01
ARAT 22Oct01 1310m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $7,000 Jamie Barnett 56.5kg Barrier 9
1st French Tempo (NZ) 56.5kg, 2nd Strategic Feeling 56.5kg 1:16.98, 9.1L, 8th@800m, 7th@400m, $15/$15
9th of 16
CAUL 17Oct01
CAUL 17Oct01 1200m Soft5 1MW-LY WLTR $41,000 Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 55.5kg (cd 53.5kg) Barrier 6
1st Prince Rubiton 54kg, 2nd Lodger (NZ) 54kg 1:10.76 (600m 35.81), 6.2L, 16th@800m, 15th@400m, $51/$61
5th of 8
MURT 06Oct01
MURT 06Oct01 1100m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Jamie Barnett 56.5kg Barrier 6
1st Vanity Streak 56.5kg, 2nd Baby Blues 52.5kg 1:06.20, 5.4L, $4/$4.20
4th of 12
WANG 23Sep01
WANG 23Sep01 1180m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 ($300) Mr Steven Noll 54.5kg Barrier 8
1st Questwin 57kg, 2nd Aspiring Place 54.5kg 1:10.57, 6.2L, $6/$6
10th of 10
M V 15Sep01
M V 15Sep01 1200m Soft5 4UP WLTR $40,000 Darren Gauci 54kg Barrier 10
1st Kennett 54.5kg, 2nd Marstic 59kg 1:12.20 (600m 35.85), 8.4L, 7th@800m, 5th@400m, $41/$31
4th of 7
BLLA 24Aug01
Gold Eclipse
BLLA 24Aug01 1400m Soft7 3Y MDN-SW $8,000 ($400) Eddie Cassar 56.5kg Barrier 1
1st Guest Express 56.5kg, 2nd Tolago 54.5kg 1:29.50 (800m 50.31), 1.7L, 7th@800m, 5th@400m $15
11th of 15
GEEL 31Jul01
Gold Eclipse
GEEL 31Jul01 1200m Soft5 2YC&G MDN-SW $8,000 Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 56.5kg Barrier 14
1st Facility (NZ) 56.5kg, 2nd Young Challenger 56.5kg 1:13.58, 10.8L, 14th@800m, 14th@400m, $51/$61
4th of 12
BLLA 30Jul01
BLLA 30Jul01 1200m Soft7 2Y HCP $7,000 ($350) Link Robertson 53.5kg Barrier 10
1st Brandenburg 56kg, 2nd Northwest Belle (NZ) 54kg 1:13.55 (800m 48.42), 1.7L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $9/$9
10th of 12
CRAN 17Jul01
Gold Eclipse
CRAN 17Jul01 1200m Soft7 2Y MDN-SW $8,000 Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 56.5kg Barrier 9
1st Ton of Hope 56.5kg, 2nd Irish Storm 56.5kg 1:14.45, 12.8L, 10th@800m, 10th@400m, $8/$11/$10
10th of 10
SAND 15Jul01
SAND 15Jul01 1600m Soft7 3Y HCP $25,000 Dale Smith 54kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 2
1st Dollfuss 55.5kg, 2nd Mambo (NZ) 51.5kg 1:39.80 (600m 36.39), 8.5L, 3rd@800m, 4th@400m, $31/$31
4th of 12
ECHA 13Jul01
ECHA 13Jul01 1212m Soft7 2YF MDN-SW $8,000 ($400) Mr Lonagan Milham (a) 56.5kg Barrier 3
1st Tsunami Smytzer (NZ) 56.5kg, 2nd Champagne Miss 56.5kg 1:13.27, 4.2L, 5th@800m, 5th@400m, $6/$7
2nd of 11
BDLE 01Jul01
BDLE 01Jul01 1200m Soft7 2Y MDN-SW $6,000 ($2,600) Arthur Robertson 54kg Barrier 5
1st American Graffiti 51kg, 3rd Miss La La 54kg 1:14.20, 1.5L, $7/$9
9th of 15
M V 30Jun01
M V 30Jun01 1600m Soft7 3Y HCP $58,000 James Winks 52kg Barrier 4
1st Scenic Garden 55kg, 2nd Soviet Son 52kg 1:41.51 (600m 40.72), 4.4L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $51/$71
2nd of 9
WKBL 17Jun01
WKBL 17Jun01 1200m Good3 2Y MDN-SW $6,000 ($2,600) Jamie Barnett 54kg Barrier 6
1st Hawaiian Eye 56.5kg, 3rd Minogue 54kg 1:13.57, 2L, $17/$21
9th of 12
KYNE 15Jun01
KYNE 15Jun01 1450m Heavy10 3Y CL3 $10,000 Mark Zahra 54kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 8
1st Make Shift 54kg, 2nd Kaarston 53kg 1:31.23, 8.6L, 10th@800m, 11th@400m, $10/$9/$10
3rd of 15
CRAN 05Jun01
CRAN 05Jun01 1400m Soft5 CL2 $8,000 ($800) Les Beer 55kg Barrier 14
1st Paestum 58kg, 2nd Dorfli 55.5kg 1:24.21, 4.8L, 3rd@800m, 4th@400m, $11/$12
10th of 14
BLLA 28May01
BLLA 28May01 1200m Soft5 2Y MDN-SW $7,000 Ms Catherine Payne 54kg Barrier 1
1st Schnitzel Von Krum 56.5kg, 2nd Stage Front 56.5kg 1:12.18 (800m 47.96), 6.9L, 5th@800m, 4th@400m, $21/$31
3rd of 12
DON 19May01
DON 19May01 1350m Good3 3Y CL3 $15,200 ($2,200) Les Beer 55kg Barrier 8
1st Regas 57.5kg, 1st Fillary 53kg 1:19.94, 0.2L, $5/$6
1st of 8
WANG 18May01
Domo Arigato
WANG 18May01 1000m Good3 CL1 $8,150 ($5,350) Brad Rawiller 57.5kg Barrier 4
2nd Adena Lass 54kg, 3rd Tarot 56kg 0:57.00, 5L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, $3/$2.9/$3
10th of 13
MORN 12May01
MORN 12May01 1200m Soft7 2Y MDN-SW $6,000 Arthur Robertson 54kg Barrier 7
1st Leather Lane 56.5kg, 2nd King's Haven 56.5kg 1:12.86, 9L, $21/$26
8th of 12
CAUL 06May01
CAUL 06May01 1600m Soft5 3Y 1MW $25,000 James Winks 55kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 1
1st Diamond Rhythm (NZ) 56kg, 2nd Ocean 56kg 1:37.74 (600m 36.23), 3.4L, 4th@800m, 5th@400m, $26/$26
8th of 16
CAUL 16Apr01
CAUL 16Apr01 1600m Good3 3Y HCP $40,000 James Winks 52.5kg (cd 49.5kg) Barrier 7
1st Perfecta 53kg, 2nd Thong Classic 50kg 1:36.15 (600m 35.45), 3.9L, 3rd@800m, 1st@400m, $26/$31
1st of 11
MORN 29Mar01
MORN 29Mar01 1500m Heavy10 CL1 $10,000 ($6,500) James Winks 57.5kg (cd 56kg) Barrier 10
2nd Lucy Flyer 56kg, 3rd Ballyvaughan (NZ) 57.5kg 1:35.78, 0.2L, 5th@800m, 4th@400m, $7/$7.50
5th of 16
BDGO 18Mar01
BDGO 18Mar01 1600m Good3 CL1 $10,000 Luke Nolen 55.5kg Barrier 7
1st Rocky Le Beau 57kg, 2nd Secret Eagle 55kg 1:37.43, 2.8L, 1st@800m, 1st@400m, $13/$15
1st of 11
Y VL 04Mar01
Y VL 04Mar01 1500m Good3 MDN-SW $6,000 ($3,900) Mr Steven Noll 56.5kg Barrier 10
2nd Celestial Twig 54kg, 3rd Gold Treat 54.5kg 1:33.32, 4L, $8/$9
9th of 14
MOE 18Feb01
MOE 18Feb01 1600m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Mr Steven Noll 56.5kg Barrier 2
1st Landslip 56.5kg, 2nd Black Watch 56.5kg 1:38.56, 9.4L, $13/$15
5th of 7
HEAL 11Feb01
Let It Breathe
HEAL 11Feb01 1200m Firm2 PIC-TRPY $800 Ms Samantha Lowe 61kg (cd 58.5kg) Barrier 3
1st Star of Georgia 64.5kg, 2nd Malice (NZ) 62.5kg 0:00.00, 5.5L $5
2nd of 8
WOD 05Feb01
WOD 05Feb01 1200m Soft7 MDN-SW $7,000 ($1,400) Luke Nolen 56.5kg Barrier 3
1st Karangi Lass 52.5kg, 3rd Dingle Doolin 57kg 1:14.58, 3.5L, $4/$6
5th of 10
MOE 03Feb01
Fashion Charge
MOE 03Feb01 1100m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Mr Steven Noll 54kg Barrier 5
1st Flash Line 56.5kg, 2nd King Island 56.5kg 1:07.01, 10.5L, $26/$51
7th of 13
WNBL 19Jan01
WNBL 19Jan01 1400m Good3 MDN-SW $8,000 Jamie Barnett 55.5kg Barrier 9
1st I'm Alright 55.5kg, 2nd Something Similar 57kg 1:24.16, 3.3L, $21/$26
11th of 12
CLAC 07Jan01
Fashion Charge
CLAC 07Jan01 1600m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $6,000 Jamie Barnett 54kg Barrier 11
1st Red Sprite 54kg, 2nd Conamber 56.5kg 1:39.49, 17.8L $21
2nd of 9
KILM 28Dec00
KILM 28Dec00 1200m Good3 F&M CL3 $14,000 ($2,800) Colin Browell 56kg Barrier 1
1st Our Viper (NZ) 54kg, 3rd Killorelin Belle 58kg 1:12.13, 0.2L, 2nd@800m, 2nd@400m, $6/$5.50

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