Trainer: William Pholi

Trainer Locations
Ascot, 6104
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
11th of 11
ASCT 30Jan10
Laugh Lines
(Henley Brook)
ASCT 30Jan10 1200m Good3 3Y HCP $50,500 Shaun Mc Gruddy 55.5kg Barrier 5
1st Cobble Lane 53.5kg, 2nd Fromm (NZ) 56.5kg 1:11.00 (600m 35.37), 21.5L, 6th@800m, 5th@400m, $17/$41
10th of 11
ASCT 23Dec09
Laugh Lines
(Henley Brook)
ASCT 23Dec09 1000m Good3 3Y 0 - 68 $20,000 Damian Lane 58kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 4
1st Sunsilkin 56kg, 2nd Catlantic 56.5kg 0:58.52 (600m 34.35), 12L, 6th@400m, $10/$18
6th of 10
NTHM 25Jun09
Lucky Eagle
NTHM 25Jun09 1000m Soft5 MDN-SW $10,000 Mizan Suhami (a) 57.5kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 8
1st Zerico 57.5kg, 2nd Golden Summer 55.5kg 0:58.35 (600m 34.48), 2L, 1st@400m, $10/$12/$11
8th of 9
BLMT 23May09
Renowned Suitor
BLMT 23May09 1600m Soft5 3Y HCP $50,000 Daniel Staeck 53kg Barrier 9
1st Hawkeye Mort 56.5kg, 2nd Verster 53.5kg 1:38.02 (600m 36.05), 15.25L, 9th@800m, 9th@400m, $51/$101
14th of 16
NTHM 03May09
Renowned Suitor
NTHM 03May09 1400m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $10,000 Shaun Mc Gruddy 57.5kg Barrier 5
1st Ishibabe (NZ) 55.5kg, 2nd Divine Magic 53.5kg 1:23.80 (600m 35.18), 5.25L, 10th@800m, 9th@400m, $21/$18
4th of 9
ASCT 31Jan09
Laugh Lines
(Henley Brook)
ASCT 31Jan09 1000m Good3 2Y-SWP $50,000 ($2,000) Jarrad Noske 55kg (cd 53kg) Barrier 1
1st The Corporation 57kg, 2nd Dino Mak 55kg 0:58.05 (600m 34.12), 4.75L, 3rd@400m, $16/$21/$20
9th of 11
PINJ 22Jan09
Lucky Eagle
PINJ 22Jan09 1000m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $10,000 Shaun McGruddy 57.5kg Barrier 2
1st Dare to Be Grey 57.5kg, 2nd Al Shi Ra 55.5kg 0:58.54, 6.25L, 6th@400m, $10/$9/$10
9th of 9
ASCT 01Jan09
Lucky Eagle
ASCT 01Jan09 1000m Good3 3Y HCP $50,000 Brad Parnham 53kg Barrier 5
1st Danebeela 54.5kg, 2nd All Class 53kg 0:57.10 (600m 33.48), 15L, 9th@400m, $13/$17
9th of 12
ASCT 15Dec08
Lucky Eagle
ASCT 15Dec08 1000m Good3 3Y MDN-SW $9,500 Shaun McGruddy 57.5kg Barrier 7
1st Secret Glow 57.5kg, 2nd Law Rain 57.5kg 0:59.14 (600m 34.39), 3.25L, 3rd@400m, $2.5/$5.50
7th of 9
ASCT 22Oct08
Bel Nor
ASCT 22Oct08 1400m Good3 3Y 0 - 67 $22,500 Shaun McGruddy 53.5kg Barrier 6
1st Apache Mak 58kg, 2nd Danamoss (NZ) 54kg 1:22.93 (600m 35.06), 5.75L, 5th@800m, 4th@400m, $8/$10/$9
2nd of 6
BLMT 11Oct08
Laugh Lines
(Henley Brook)
BLMT 11Oct08 1000m Good3 2Y-SW $50,000 ($10,000) Shaun McGruddy 55kg Barrier 2
1st Gold Rocks 53kg, 3rd I Owe You 55kg 0:58.61 (600m 33.88), 3.75L, 2nd@800m, 2nd@400m, $13/$17
7th of 8
BLMT 29Sep08
Bel Nor
BLMT 29Sep08 1300m Good3 3Y 0 - 67 $22,500 Patrick Carbery 53.5kg Barrier 8
1st Golden Heart 55kg, 2nd Amelia Storm 54.5kg 1:18.22 (600m 34.18), 4.25L, 8th@800m, 7th@400m, $12/$18
8th of 12
BLMT 12Jul08
Lucky Eagle
BLMT 12Jul08 1000m Soft5 2Y-SWP $50,000 Duncan Miller 55kg (cd 52kg) Barrier 2
1st Nollamara 56.5kg, 2nd Ebony Raider 57kg 0:58.51, 7.25L, 5th@400m, $4/$4.60

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