Jockey: R Rickards


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Name: R Rickards
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
3rd of 5
KALG 12Oct96
Imperious King
(George Grljusich)
KALG 12Oct96 1400m Firm2 OPEN HCP $7,000 ($700) R Rickards 65kg Barrier 5
1st Grand Tilla 65kg, 2nd Bodywave 65kg 1:24.92, 4L 7-1
5th of 7
LEIN 07Jul96
Dangerous Pulse
LEIN 07Jul96 1000m Good CLD $2,500 R Rickards 65kg Barrier 3
1st Smokestack (NZ) 67.5kg, 2nd Capricaro 66.5kg 1:00.92 7-1
4th of 6
LEIN 07Jul96
Dangerous Pulse
LEIN 07Jul96 1300m Good MDN-SW $2,500 R Rickards 66.5kg Barrier 1
1st Rock the Nation 66.5kg, 2nd Western Appeal 66.5kg 1:19.91, 5.5L 7-4
6th of 7
LEIN 07Jul96
Parliment Rose
LEIN 07Jul96 1300m Good CLD $2,500 R Rickards 66kg Barrier 5
1st Rock the Nation 65.5kg, 2nd Bragabout (NZ) 66.5kg 1:19.27 5-1