Jockey: Mike Smith


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Name: Mike Smith
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
14th of 14
DELM 04Nov17
Home Of The Brave (IRE)
(James Cummings)
DELM 04Nov17 1609m Firm BDRS CUP MILE Group 1 $2,556,621 Mike Smith 57kg Barrier 9
1st World Approval (USA) 57kg, 2nd Lancaster Bomber (USA) 56kg 1:34.55, 11L $23
1st of 10
S.AN 01Nov13
London Bridge (USA)
(Bart Cummings)
S.AN 01Nov13 2800m Firm BRDRS MARATHON Group 2 $439,434 ($262,705) Mike Smith 55.5kg Barrier 7
2nd Blueskiesnrainbows (USA) 57kg 2:58.32, 1L $9
2nd of 6
DELM 27Jul12
Worth Repeating (USA)
DELM 27Jul12 2400m Firm COUGAR II Group 3 $97,924 ($19,585) Mike Smith 52.5kg Barrier 3
1st Richard's Kid (USA) 56kg, 3rd Balladry (USA) 52kg 2:29.22, 1.5L $12
5th of 6
DELM 28Aug10
Scenic Blast
(Daniel Morton)
DELM 28Aug10 1600m Good DEL MAR MILE Group 2 $211,652 ($3,899) Mike Smith 55kg Barrier 4
1st Enriched (USA) 54kg 1:34.83, 3L $2.90
1st of 10
DELM 28Aug10
Richard's Kid (USA)
(Bob Baffert)
DELM 28Aug10 2000m Good PACIFIC Group 1 $1,113,958 ($668,375) Mike Smith 56.5kg Barrier 6
2nd Crowded House (GB) 0kg, 9th Unusual Suspect (USA) 56.5kg 2:03.27, 0.8L $6
2nd of 6
DELM 01Aug10
Scenic Blast
(Daniel Morton)
DELM 01Aug10 1200m Good BING CROSBY Group 1 $278,489 ($55,698) Mike Smith 55kg Barrier 3
1st Smiling Tiger (USA) 55kg 1:09.21, 1.5L
4th of 7
HOLY 27Jun10
Scenic Blast
(Daniel Morton)
HOLY 27Jun10 1200m Good ROB KERLAN $84,004 ($4,121) Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 6
1st My Summer Slew (USA) 56kg 1:08.40, 1.8L
3rd of 8
S.AN 10Oct09
Black Mamba (NZ)
(John W Sadler)
S.AN 10Oct09 2000m Good YELLOW RIBBON S Group 1 $425,713 Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 3
1st Magical Fantasy (USA) 56kg 1:59.59, 0.5L $5.90
1st of 12
DELM 06Sep09
Richard's Kid (USA)
(Bob Baffert)
DELM 06Sep09 2000m Firm PACIFIC Group 1 $1,419,044 ($851,426) Mike Smith 56.5kg Barrier 4
2nd Einstein (BRZ) 0kg 2:02.39, 0.3L $26
1st of 6
DELM 28Aug09
Black Mamba (NZ)
(John W Sadler)
DELM 28Aug09 2200m Good F&M HCP $126,323 ($75,794) Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 2
2nd Lemon Chiffon (USA) 53.5kg 2:14.38, 0.8L $1.80
7th of 8
HOLY 06Dec08
Black Mamba (NZ)
(John W Sadler)
HOLY 06Dec08 2400m Good HOLLYWOOD CUP Group 1 $284,123 ($17,047) Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 7
1st Champs Elysees (GB) 57kg, 6th Winchester (USA) 55.5kg 2:27.72, 2L $6
5th of 12
KEEN 28Oct06
Fernald (USA)
(Geoff O'Brien)
KEEN 28Oct06 1700m Good 2Y F MDN $67,729 ($1,740) Mike Smith 53.5kg Barrier 3
1st Silence Dogood 53.5kg 1:43.97, 6.3L
4th of 10
S.AN 19Jan02
Pissaro (GB)
(Graeme Rogerson)
S.AN 19Jan02 1300m Firm HCP $97,771 ($5,866) Mike Smith 55kg Barrier 4
1st Gallant (GB) 0kg 1:13.71, 1L
3rd of 8
BELM 08Sep01
Ela Athena (GB)
(Michael Jarvis)
BELM 08Sep01 2200m Firm MAN O'WAR Group 1 $880,206 ($96,823) Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 1
1st With Anticipation (USA) 57kg, 2nd Silvano (GER) 57kg 2:15.11, 2.6L 84-10
2nd of 8
BELM 09Sep00
Ela Athena (GB)
(Michael Jarvis)
BELM 09Sep00 2200m Firm MAN O'WAR Group 1 $805,067 ($161,014) Mike Smith 56kg Barrier 8
1st Fantastic Light (USA) 57kg 2:17.44, 1L 35-1