Jockey: T Aitkinson


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Name: T Aitkinson
Last 50 Runs (Excluding Trials)
1st of 11
MBAH 08Aug98
(Noel Oliver)
MBAH 08Aug98 1550m Fast CL6 $4,700 ($3,200) T Aitkinson 55.5kg Barrier 8
2nd Pharo's Flame 56.5kg, 3rd Successful Flyer 57kg 1:34.55, 1L 7-2
6th of 7
MKAY 25Jul98
Provideo's Success
(Paul G Dwyer)
MKAY 25Jul98 1050m Good3 MDN $3,750 T Aitkinson 53.5kg (cd 54kg) Barrier 1
1st Amberly 56.5kg, 2nd Painted Vain 53.5kg 1:03.01, 7L 7-2
8th of 9
MKAY 25Jul98
Call Me Luskin
(Sharon Attard)
MKAY 25Jul98 1500m Good3 CL6 $3,750 T Aitkinson 55kg Barrier 4
1st Gunna Miss 56.5kg, 2nd Pharo's Flame 56kg 1:30.08, 21.7L 13-2
4th of 10
MKAY 25Jul98
Winning Vic
(Paul G Dwyer)
MKAY 25Jul98 1250m Good3 OPEN HCP $3,750 ($150) T Aitkinson 55.5kg Barrier 6
1st Exciting Macedonia 56.5kg, 2nd Mezzo Wolf 56kg 1:13.21, 6.3L 4-1
8th of 11
MKAY 18Jul98
(Noel Oliver)
MKAY 18Jul98 1250m Soft5 CL6 $3,750 T Aitkinson 53.5kg Barrier 2
1st Out Break 57.5kg, 2nd Pharo's Flame 54kg 1:13.89, 8.2L 5-2
6th of 7
MKAY 22Jan94
Blue Surprise
MKAY 22Jan94 1050m Good3 MDN $2,800 T Aitkinson 56kg Barrier 7
1st Rock of Gold 55.5kg, 2nd Smuggling Prince 54.5kg 1:02.90, 16.9L 7-1