Winners Scoreboard

BOBS Winners Scoreboard May 2018

Total Bonus Paid: $6,569,375.00
Total Bonus Paid this month: $795,937.50
Date Venue Horse Age Sire Dam BOBS Bonus
20-May-18 Grafton Sienna Rose 2 More Than Ready (USA) Maroon Bay $5,625.00
20-May-18 Grafton Savvy Rock 3 Fastnet Rock Zavana $5,625.00
20-May-18 Nowra Maid of Ore 3 Duporth Feisty Rose $5,625.00
19-May-18 Brewarrina Pompous 3 Charge Forward Fine Figure $1,406.25
19-May-18 Lismore Lunar Lustre 3 Husson (ARG) Moon Glitter $5,625.00
19-May-18 Mudgee Bangkok 3 Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Aziani $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Banner Season 3 Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Emblem of Hope $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Verlan 3 So You Think (NZ) Most Secretive $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Wild Horizon 3 Fastnet Rock Kosi Bay (NZ) $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Chalmers 3 Mossman Nephtys $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Britannicus 3 Roman Emperor (NZ) Miss Meliss (NZ) $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Brabinger 3 Snitzel Sunset Express $5,625.00
19-May-18 Newcastle Rebel Cry 3 Street Cry (IRE) Emancipationist $5,625.00
19-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Albumin 3 Foxwedge Dushanbe $22,500.00
19-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Epidemic 3 Lonhro Mnemosyne $22,500.00
19-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Ronstar 2 Zoustar Miss Essembee $22,500.00
18-May-18 Port Macquarie Star of Theharbour 2 Harbour Watch (IRE) Renascent $5,625.00
18-May-18 Port Macquarie Invincible Tammy 3 I Am Invincible Miss Chaos (NZ) $5,625.00
18-May-18 Quirindi First Family 3 Related Lovely Lonny $5,625.00
17-May-18 Kembla Grange Organza 3 Street Cry (IRE) Mousseline $5,625.00
17-May-18 Kembla Grange Better Than Elle 3 Lope de Vega (IRE) Charlbury $5,625.00
16-May-18 Warwick Farm Cormac 3 All Too Hard Saint Minerva $11,250.00
16-May-18 Warwick Farm Pembroke Castle 2 I Am Invincible Callista $11,250.00
16-May-18 Warwick Farm Almighty Crown 3 Street Cry (IRE) Sesenta $11,250.00
16-May-18 Warwick Farm Kurnel Jaxon 3 All American Kvarena $11,250.00
15-May-18 Tamworth Radiant Choice 3 Choisir Volcada (NZ) $5,625.00
15-May-18 Tamworth Pellegrina 3 Congrats (USA) Pilgrim $5,625.00
15-May-18 Tamworth Willyama 3 Al Maher See Her Run $5,625.00
14-May-18 Albury Red Medusa 3 Snippetson Winged Medusa $5,625.00
14-May-18 Albury I Am Kalani 3 I Am Invincible Cashkalani $5,625.00
14-May-18 Taree Haames 3 Eavesdropper (USA) Hamasat (GB) $5,625.00
14-May-18 Taree Thirty Knots 3 Bon Hoffa Cosmic Safari $5,625.00
14-May-18 Taree Heat Haze 3 Fastnet Rock Altair's Glow $5,625.00
14-May-18 Taree Winter Sonata 3 Your Song Ice Break (GB) $5,625.00
14-May-18 Taree Salty Rain 3 Youthful Legs (USA) Pauline's Dancer $5,625.00
13-May-18 Parkes Midnight Serenade 3 Your Song All Good Things $5,625.00
13-May-18 Parkes Invincible Type 3 I Am Invincible Black Type $5,625.00
13-May-18 Parkes Fire Stoker 3 Denman Mantelpiece $5,625.00
13-May-18 Queanbeyan Chiang Mai Express 3 Bullet Train (GB) Red Fever $5,625.00
13-May-18 Queanbeyan Lovespeed Girl 3 Bullet Train (GB) Lovable $5,625.00
12-May-18 Kembla Grange Prophet's Voice 3 Poet's Voice (GB) Gold Beauty $5,625.00
12-May-18 Kembla Grange Catmosphere 3 Stratum Combat Kitty $5,625.00
12-May-18 Kembla Grange Natalia 2 Choisir Booralee $5,625.00
12-May-18 Kembla Grange All Too Free 3 All Too Hard Mambo in Freeport (USA) $5,625.00
12-May-18 Kempsey Our Trolley Dolly 3 Star Witness Miss Hostie $5,625.00
12-May-18 Quambone Retreat Star 3 Starcraft (NZ) Fernande $1,406.25
12-May-18 Scone Moss Trip 3 Mossman Space Trip $22,500.00
12-May-18 Scone Pretty in Pink 2 Sebring Total Attraction $22,500.00
12-May-18 Scone In Good Time 3 Time Thief Turbo Rose $22,500.00
11-May-18 Coffs Harbour Lord Mal 3 Harbour Watch (IRE) Patisserie $5,625.00
11-May-18 Coffs Harbour Ibini 3 Commands Chaste $5,625.00
11-May-18 Coffs Harbour Northern Lights 3 Zizou Lets Have Some Fun $5,625.00
11-May-18 Scone Bare Naked Lady 2 Walking or Dancing (NZ) Nakedindaspa $22,500.00
11-May-18 Scone Surjin 3 Stratum Melbourne Rose (NZ) $11,250.00
11-May-18 Scone Savatiano 3 Street Cry (IRE) Retsina $11,250.00
11-May-18 Scone Connemara 3 Fastnet Rock Sprung (USA) $11,250.00
10-May-18 Hawkesbury Inquiry 3 Exceed And Excel Screen $5,625.00
10-May-18 Hawkesbury Sweet Deal 3 Casino Prince Dorothy Evelyn $5,625.00
10-May-18 Hawkesbury Blazeray 3 Commands I Believe $5,625.00
09-May-18 Warwick Farm I Like It Easy 2 Pierro Gai's Choice $11,250.00
09-May-18 Warwick Farm Royal Celebration 2 Excelebration (IRE) Crimson Code $11,250.00
09-May-18 Warwick Farm Revenire 3 Lonhro Come Hither $11,250.00
09-May-18 Warwick Farm Toryjoy 3 Street Cry (IRE) Joy of Flight $11,250.00
09-May-18 Warwick Farm Schubert 3 Lonhro Ringstrasse $11,250.00
08-May-18 Newcastle Seababe 3 Sebring Swinging Babe $5,625.00
08-May-18 Newcastle Harvey Specter 3 Salade Any Joy $5,625.00
08-May-18 Newcastle Noble Creed 3 Lonhro Tropical Affair $5,625.00
07-May-18 Murwillumbah Amorita 2 Foxwedge Royal Pageant $5,625.00
07-May-18 Murwillumbah Future Event 3 Dream Ahead (USA) North Pole Dancer $5,625.00
06-May-18 Dubbo Onida 2 All American Divine Test $5,625.00
06-May-18 Dubbo Pat's Nipper 3 Duporth Patricia Joan $5,625.00
06-May-18 Dubbo Balmaceda 3 Al Maher Estancia Rios $5,625.00
06-May-18 Dubbo Fame And Fortune 3 Pluck (USA) Girl of Fortune $5,625.00
06-May-18 Sapphire Coast Jewel of the Clan 2 Delago Deluxe Strategic Miss $5,625.00
05-May-18 Newcastle Wisdom Tree 3 Snitzel Miss Judgement $5,625.00
05-May-18 Newcastle Reckless Knight 3 Bon Hoffa Outback Fortune $5,625.00
05-May-18 Newcastle Strome 3 Smart Missile Lateral $5,625.00
05-May-18 Newcastle Sokudo 2 Not a Single Doubt Imoto $5,625.00
05-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Epidemic 3 Lonhro Mnemosyne $22,500.00
05-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Gem Song 2 Your Song Beautiful Gem $22,500.00
05-May-18 Rosehill Gardens Sedition 3 Exceed And Excel Jerezana $22,500.00
04-May-18 Muswellbrook Boca Grande 3 Sebring Kimillsy $5,625.00
04-May-18 Muswellbrook Judge Judi 3 Star Witness Commanding Girl $5,625.00
04-May-18 Wagga Nicconita 3 Nicconi Kuitpo Crystal $11,250.00
04-May-18 Wagga Equal Balance 3 Hinchinbrook Equivalence $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wagga Love Shack Baby 3 All Too Hard Shack $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wagga Xaarfoxylady 3 Foxwedge Xaar's Jewel $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wagga I'm a Jewel 3 I Am Invincible Opaline $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wagga Cape Wickham 3 Fastnet Rock Allez France $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wyong Oxford Angel 3 Nicconi Oxford Princess $11,250.00
03-May-18 Wyong Final Frontier 3 Nicconi Space Odyssey $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wyong Nothing Too Hard 3 All Too Hard Ashley's Kitty (USA) $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wyong Prime Candidate 3 Denman Coolroom Candidate $5,625.00
03-May-18 Wyong Tunero 3 Teofilo (IRE) Sweet Little Lies $5,625.00
02-May-18 Canterbury Park Dawn Dawn 3 All Too Hard Dawned (NZ) $11,250.00
02-May-18 Canterbury Park Ms Rodarte 2 I Am Invincible Lucky Diva $11,250.00
01-May-18 Taree Luddenham Lass 3 Hinchinbrook Sequinella $5,625.00