Canterbury Park: Australian Turf Club Wednesday 22, May 2019

Meeting Type: Metro (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: +3m Entire
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Penetrometer: 4.73
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Mon 20-May-19 5:05PM AEST
Riders must be declared before: Mon 20-May-19 12:00PM AEST
Scratching close: Wed 22-May-19 7:30AM AEST
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 76


No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 BIGBOYROY BOBS Bonus Scheme 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park Over the final 100m commenced to shift out when placed under pressure
2 KORDIA BOBS Bonus Scheme 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park Shortly after the start was hampered
7 SHAIBANAT BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/04/2019 Hawkesbury Overraced in the early stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
8 MORENO (NZ) 22/04/2019 Kensington Slow to begin. Commenced to lay out from the 300m. Near the 150m, when racing greenly, became awkwardly placed close to heels & was eased. The Club's vet reported the colt lost its near hind plate.
10 VAPORIZING BOBS Bonus Scheme 11/05/2019 Kembla Grange Began awkwardly. Raced wide & without cover throughout.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 MADDI ROCKS BOBS Bonus Scheme 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park Approaching the 850m was eased to avoid heels of a rnr witch shifted in when not quite clear.
5 ISLANDS BOBS Bonus Scheme 5/01/2019 Kensington Rdr std that was obligated to settle in a position behind the leader and in his opinion, this did not assist in finishing the race off as he was obliged to make use of his mount from the 600m to commence to make ground. Veterinary exam rev filly to be slow to recover.
12 L’COSMO BOBS Bonus Scheme 14/12/2018 Canterbury Park Slow to begin. Hung out approaching & rounding the h/t. In the straight, laid out & proved difficult for its rider to ride out his mount with his usual vigour. Post race vet rev no abs.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 MARMARIS BOBS Bonus Scheme 16/01/2019 Warwick Farm Shifted in behind runners from a wide draw. Near the 200m was steadied & disap for running between runners. Was then directed inwards to cont into clear running, however, near the 100m was hampered when awkwardly placed on heels of another runner.
2 PEMBROKE CASTLE BOBS Bonus Scheme 28/01/2019 Warwick Farm COT - to be ridden further fwd; settled off pace. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
3 BARE NAKED LADY BOBS Bonus Scheme 11/05/2019 Scone Had to be steadied over the concluding stages when crowded between runners.
4 NOTATION BOBS Bonus Scheme 11/05/2019 Caulfield Fractious in barrier. Late scratching on vets advice. Warning recorded.
4 NOTATION BOBS Bonus Scheme 22/12/2018 Flemington Hung out in the home straight.
5 ZAVANCE BOBS Bonus Scheme 28/01/2019 Warwick Farm Near the 500m was held up when unable to improve between rnrs.
6 BELLADEEL 17/04/2019 Warwick Farm From its wide draw shifted behind runners in the early stages. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of the colt, which travelled wide and without cover after the 500m, rdr was unable to offer any tangible explanation other than the horse at this time in its career is disingenuous. Stable representative was advised the performance was deemed to be unacceptable and before the colt is permitted to race again, it must perform satisfactorily in an official barrier trial. Trialed Rosehill 13/5/19.
7 STELLA SEA SUN 4/05/2019 Newcastle Bumped at start.
9 CHARMED PRINCESS BOBS Bonus Scheme 10/05/2019 Scone Bumped on jumping. Had to be checked passing the 900m when racing ungenerously and hung out.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 BELLA SUCCESS 18/05/2019 Rosehill Gardens Jumped awkwardly and shortly after the start was steadied when crowded. Rdr std that near the 300m, she was obliged to steady her mount when disappointed for clear running. Add she was then held up for some distance approaching the 200m and between the 200m and 100m, could not be tested when awkwardly placed on heels.
3 THE CLOSER 1/05/2019 Warrnambool Post-race vet exam revealed the filly to be displaying a cardiac arrythmia. Has been cleared to race having passed the mandatory examinations on the 18 May 2019.
4 WARUNA 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park After being slow to begin was then crowded between runners. Rdr was spoken to regarding her failure to maintain a position in the initial stages. A post-race vet exam did not reveal any abs.
5 LADY OF SHALOTT BOBS Bonus Scheme 6/04/2019 Royal Randwick Shortly after the start was hampered when crowded.
6 ALASKAN SUN 25/04/2019 Flemington Rider reported that he was instructed to attempt to get the mare to jump well today as she has had a habit of beginning slowly and if he was able to do so, take up a position where comfortable. He added that after beginning well today from the wide barrier the mare strode forward and comfortably took up the leading position.
7 UNA FUERZA (USA) 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park Near the 400m was inconvenienced when briefly tightened. When Q’d rdr std for the major part of the race his mnt hung out and in the straight noticeably weakened and compounded over the latter stages. A post-race vet exam did not reveal any abs, other than that the mare was showing signs of being in season. Trnr was advised that a vet clearance will be required before the mare is permitted to race/trial again. Vet clearance received.
8 IMPETUOSO BOBS Bonus Scheme 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Near the 400m shifted out across heels to improve & in doing so, made contact with another runner.
9 AUSTRIA (NZ) 10/05/2019 Scone On jumping, had to be checked when crowded between runners.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 GENERALISSIMO 27/04/2019 Hawkesbury Slow to begin. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event and hung in in the straight.
2 METAMORPHIC 27/10/2018 Royal Randwick Post race vet rev gelding to be lame (1/5) in the off-foreleg. Rep advised vet clearance req prior to racing again. Clearance received.
5 MOLASSES 12/05/2019 Parkes Near the 600m was steadied after improving onto heels. Near the 200m was steadied when crowded.
6 POET’S ADVOCATE 17/12/2018 Orange When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of the gelding rider stated that she was of the opinion that the gelding was not suited by being stuck three wide in the run and in her opinion may not have handled the firm track conditions.
7 STONE COLD 14/05/2019 Kembla Grange Raced wide and without cover until approaching the 800m.
8 KOTINOS 24/11/2018 Gosford Began awkwardly. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
10 PRIMA STELLA 17/12/2018 Orange When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of the gelding rider stated that his mount laid in in the straight and in his opinion the gelding did not appreciate the firm track. Trainer concurred with the views of rider and in his view the gelding had reached the end of it’s preparation and will now be spelled.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 BE MINDFUL 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park When Q’d rdr explained that approaching the 100m a narrow run developed between rnrs however as he was concerned the outside rnr may roll in, he elected to commence to shift out with a view to obtaining a run to the outside. He said that passing the 100m, whilst continuing to allow his mnt to drift out he endeavoured to secure running to the outside, however approaching the 50m that rnr shifted out abruptly and he had to check after becoming awkwardly placed on the heels of that gelding. He said that as a consequence his mnt lost ground and significant momentum at a vital stage of the race.
2 REDEMPTION ROAD 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury After making contact with the partition in its race day stall, was examined by the Club's vet & found to have sustained a minor abrasion to its off-hind leg, however was deemed suitable to race.
3 TIM’S PRINCIPAL 10/05/2019 Scone Slow to begin.
5 ART OF EXCELLENCE 1/05/2019 Warwick Farm Approaching 600m, hung out & made contact with hindquarter of rnr.
8 WARSET (NZ) 7/05/2019 Newcastle Held up rounding the home turn & passing the 300m was checked when disappointed for a narrow run. Then continued to be held up until passing the 200m, where it was shifted to the outside.
9 JARRETT 30/04/2019 Kembla Grange Approaching the 900m commenced to race keenly & had to be steadied from heels. Near 700m, when shifting to the outside had to be steadied when awkwardly positioned on heels.
10 ON ANGELS WINGS 11/05/2019 Kembla Grange Stewards permitted rider to ride geld half a kilogram over its allotted weight of 54.5kg. Held up on straightening & was unable to secure clear running until passing the 150m.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
5 LADY EVELYN 4/05/2019 Newcastle When questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that the mare is somewhat one-paced and was not suited by the slow tempo throughout the middle stages of today’s event. Post-race veterinary exam did not reveal any abs.
6 SEABABE 15/05/2019 Warwick Farm Bumped shortly after the start.
8 LADY CUVEE (NZ) 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Shifted behind runners in the early stages from its wide barrier. A post-race vet exam rev no abs.
9 COSTAS (NZ) 8/05/2019 Canterbury Park From its wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Near the 600m was crowded between runners and became unbalanced when both runners shifted ground.
10 TAJ 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Raced keenly in the early & middle stages.
12 SAVIGNE 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Connections lodged a protest against the winner on grounds of alleged interference near the 100m. The protest was dismissed. Passing the 100m raced tight with another rnr & was directed out by its rdr.
14 HOLY EMPRESS 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury After beginning well was permitted to improve whereby the filly travelled outside the leader.
15e ITASCA BOBS Extra Bonus Scheme 12/04/2019 Orange Rider reported that the gelding commenced to overrace near the 1700m and for this reason allowed his mount to stride forward to assume a position in the lead, whereby the gelding continue to race fiercely despite his efforts to restrain and therefore commenced to weaken near the 500m. A post race veterinary examination of the gelding that was beaten 24.68L failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities. Trainer was advised that today’s performance was unacceptable & the gelding would be required to barrier trial to the satisfaction of stewards prior to racing again.Trialed Hawkesbury 29/4/19.
16e NEVER BEEN ANOTHER BOBS Extra Bonus Scheme 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Stood flat-footed as the start was effect & lost ground (4L). Warning recorded.
17e WRISTBAND 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Passing the 200m was held up & did not obtain clear running until passing the 100m where it was shifted inwards.