Wyong: Wyong Race Club Ltd Thursday 16, May 2019

Meeting Type: Provincial (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: True
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Tue 14-May-19 12:03PM AEST
Riders must be declared before: Tue 14-May-19 12:00PM AEST
Scratching close: Thu 16-May-19 7:30AM AEST
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 95


No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 MANLY COVE BOBS Bonus Scheme 23/11/2018 Orange Made contact with runner on jumping when both runners shifted slightly. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
2 LITTLE WONDER 3/05/2019 Muswellbrook Hung out when placed under pressure in the home
5 RIVER BIRD BOBS Bonus Scheme 28/12/2018 Gosford Slow to begin. When qst re riding, rdr std instr were to ride mount conservatively as is its customary pattern. Added on str, whilst there was room for her mount to impr between rnr's, she felt it would then become held up behind another rnr, so she elected to direct her mount to the outside of another rnr with a view to obt clear running between rnr's, particularly as she was mindful that her mount has had diff obt clear running in recent starts, however, mount then became awk pos on heels. Rdr cautioned against practice of pos mounts too close to heels.
6 SHE’S MY GIRL BOBS Bonus Scheme 16/08/2018 Newcastle On arrival at barrier rdr expressed some concern with filly's action. Vet check rev it to be lame in the near foreleg & was withdrawn at 2.53pm on vet advice. Rep advised a vet clearance would be req prior to filly racing again. V/C received.
9 UPTOOIT 4/05/2019 Newcastle Bumped at start.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 DISPLAY CASE (NZ) 7/05/2019 Newcastle Slow to begin.
3 HAVAZAC 25/04/2019 Cessnock Stood flat footed and missed the start (6L) - Must trial prior to next race start.
4 ROAD TO BLUE SKY (NZ) 11/05/2019 Kembla Grange Slow to begin. Approaching the 300m had to be steadied away from heels.
5 SOLID NORTH BOBS Extra Bonus Scheme 30/04/2019 Taree Eased near the 800m.
6 COMMENTATOR BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/05/2019 Wyong To be ridden conservatively; settled back. Overraced in the middle stages.
7 DOWN STAGE 2/05/2019 Wyong Raced wide and without cover from the 1600m until the 800m.
9 PRINCE CAMELOT 2/05/2019 Wyong After passing the winning post on the first occasion, had to be steadied when crowded for room between rnrs.
10 THE BOOMERANG BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/05/2019 Wyong To be ridden further forward; settled on pace.
11 LOHAN PRINCESS 2/05/2019 Wyong Held up and was unable to improve its position from the 400m until approaching the 150m.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 EMBRACER BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/05/2019 Warwick Farm Was hampered on jumping. Shifted out abruptly near the 250m.
2 TASK AND PURPOSE BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/05/2019 Warwick Farm Began only fairly.
3 HARRY’S COMET BOBS Bonus Scheme 6/11/2018 Royal Randwick In early stgs made contact with another rnr, as a result then commenced to race ungenerously & near 1200m was checked fm heels of another rnr. Rdr std througout event mount race very greenly, refused to settle & proved difficult to control during early & mid stgs & as consequence, near 800m pulled whip through to right hand & placed in in vicinity of mount's head in an endeavour to encourage it to race truly, as a result made slight contact with its head near 700m. Rdr fined as a result of such action. P/R vet rev geld to be slow to rec. To trial. Trialled W/Farm 21/11/18.
4 WELL DECORATED 24/04/2019 Wyong When qstd rdr std in early stages he contemplated riding mount along to prevent unfancied runner from crossing, however as he was mindful of gelding's racing pattern & that it was racing over 1600m for first time he allowed it to cross near 1400m. Std when tempo slowed shortly after commenced to race keenly. Std when that runner commenced to weaken from 500m his mount became held up & lost momentum. Stated although in clear running from 300m mount took some time to rebuild momentum & he was not disappointed with its performance in the circumstances. Post-race vet exam - no abnormalities.
6 BENFICA MAID BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/05/2019 Newcastle Raced in restricted room over the concluding stages.
7 SMART DECISION BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/04/2019 Newcastle Began awkwardly. Making the home turn was bumped and became unbalanced. Raced wide and without cover throughout.
8 IVIRA 9/04/2019 Hawkesbury Laid out under pressure rounding the home turn. Near the 250m shifted inwards to obtain clear running.
9 FONCE 4/05/2019 Newcastle Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
10 MANDALONG ONE UP 9/05/2019 Hawkesbury Near the 250m laid out under pressure & made contact with another rnr.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 DREAM CIRCLE BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/05/2019 Kensington Near the 800m when inclined to race ungenerously, was steadied to avoid heels.
5 MORENO (NZ) 22/04/2019 Kensington Slow to begin. Commenced to lay out from the 300m. Near the 150m, when racing greenly, became awkwardly placed close to heels & was eased. The Club's vet reported the colt lost its near hind plate.
7 SHIELDED 16/04/2019 Hawkesbury Slow to begin. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 FRIKKERS (NZ) 20/04/2019 Kembla Grange Near the 200m was steadied off the heels of another runner. Rdr reported that the gelding laid outwards throughout the race. A post-race vet exam revealed the gelding to be displaying a poor post-race recovery. Vet clearance required. vet cert received
2 HIDDEN HILLS BOBS Bonus Scheme 6/12/2018 Gosford Rdr std was inst obtain cover and not race three, four wide. Add when endeav to obtain this pos mount commenced to race fiercely and prove difficult to settle. Add near 800m chose not to improve and race wide with cover as this was contrary to inst. Add was unsuited by slow tempo as mount did not settle. Add when tempo increased near 500m was able to improve however rounding home turn hung in and was steadied off heels. Add in home straight raced greenly, hung in and did not appreciate racing amongst other horses. Said would be better suited racing forward.
3 MONEY TRAVELS 2/01/2019 Taree Slow to begin.
4 COPS AND ROBBERS 1/05/2019 Warwick Farm Stood flat footed as the start was effected and lost considerable ground (7L). Post race vet exam rev no abs. Trainer was advised that the colt would be required to barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to its next race start. Has trialled since (08/05/2019 Kembla Grange)
9 COMMANDER BELL BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/04/2019 Gosford Slow into stride.
11 HASTY HEART 4/04/2019 Gosford The mare was a late scratching on veterinary advice when it became fractious in the barriers, reared and got both legs cast for a considerable amount of time. Trainer was advised the mare would be required to barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again. Has since trialled 29/04/2019.
11 HASTY HEART 24/11/2018 Gosford Rider permitted to ride mare 1kg over its allotted weight. Rider stated mare raced greenly throughout and hung out rounding the turn from the 400m until straightening. Rider stated mare continued to race greenly and shift ground when under pressure in the home straight and for this reason he elected not to apply the whip, however he was nevertheless pleased with the manner in which it finished its race off. Added mare commenced to run out approaching the winning post, obliging him to stop riding and straighten and for this reason he was unable to ride it out over the final strides.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SEEINGISBELIEVING 2/05/2019 Wyong Protest 2nd place getter against 1st place getter – Dismissed, Began awkwardly, raced tight with rnr in closing stages.
3 MIDI 3/05/2019 Muswellbrook Slow to begin, then hung in under pressure in the home straight.
4 MOMENTUM AMETHYST 7/05/2019 Newcastle From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.
6 TIME TO RETHINK 27/04/2019 Newcastle Shortly after start over-raced when being restrained to find cover.
7 PICK OF THE DAY 4/05/2019 Newcastle Began awkwardly and bumped with rnr.
10 ANNIE SATURDAY 2/05/2019 Wyong COT - To be ridden further forward; settled midfield. held up for a short distance in the early part of the straight.
12 MAHERVELLOUS 21/04/2019 Mudgee Raced wide throughout. Near the 100m was steadied when momentarily crowded.
13 PRINCE HIGH 4/05/2019 Newcastle Bumped at start.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 BATTLE CRY BOBS Bonus Scheme 9/01/2019 Canterbury Park Near the 1000m, was eased to avoid the heels of rnr
2 CINQUEDEA (NZ) 19/01/2019 Kembla Grange Bumped by another runner rounding the home turn on its hindquarters, as a result became unbalanced. Shifted outwards near 200m to obtain clear run & thereafter laid inwards.
3 I’M A LEGEND 28/04/2019 Goulburn After being slow to begin was then hampered on jumping. Lay in under pressure in the straight.
4 MONSIEUR MACRON (NZ) 1/11/2018 Gosford Rdr std h/t mount commenced to lay out & shifted out & away fm another rnr. Further std appr 200m mount shifted out abruptly despite his efforts & as a result shifted considerable ground & then did not place mount under pressire due to its racing manners. Post race vet rev no abs. To trial. Has since trialled.
5 DEFEAT BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/04/2019 Kembla Grange Laid in under pressure near the 150m.
6 HE’S A HOTSHOT BOBS Bonus Scheme 3/05/2019 Muswellbrook Began awkwardly and shifted in abruptly.
7 GORGONS BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/05/2019 Wyong The filly, which had its off-foreleg momentarily cast on the running board, underwent a veterinary examination and was deemed suitable to race. Began awkwardly.
11 JOLEN JOLEN BOBS Bonus Scheme 7/12/2018 Mudgee Slow to begin.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 DYLAN’S ROMANCE 27/01/2019 Wyong Raced wide & without cover in an endeavour to find a fwd position & eventually led passing the 1600m. When qst re the perf, rdr std was instructed to lead, however, from an outside barrier had to urge mount fwd & work a bit hard to lead & get to the fence after passing the 1600m. Said when he asked for an effort app the H/T did not respond as expected & was disappointing. He felt that by using his mount up in the early stages had contributed towards the gelding’s perf. Post-race vet exam did not rev any abs.
3 SNIPONET 2/05/2019 Wyong Rounding the home turn was carried marginally wider by a rnr which made the home turn awkwardly.
5 HE’S A GIVEN 16/12/2018 Hawkesbury Hung in in the home straight. Rdr could offer no tangible explanation for the performance of the gelding. Post race vet exam revealed no abnormalities.
6 HIGH RUSH 24/04/2019 Wyong Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event.
9 AFRICAN ACADEMY 9/03/2019 Aquis Park Gold Coast Slow to begin. Bumped leaving the 500m.
15 OUR TAX RETURN 3/05/2019 Muswellbrook Slow to begin.