Rosehill Gardens: Australian Turf Club Saturday 23, February 2019

Meeting Type: Metro (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: +6m Entire
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Soft 7
Weather: Overcast
Penetrometer: 5.72
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Sat 23-Feb-19 9:10AM AEDT
Riders must be declared before: Wed 20-Feb-19 12:00PM AEDT
Scratching close: Sat 23-Feb-19 7:30AM AEDT
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 91


No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 BURNING CROWN 20/10/2018 Royal Randwick COT: to be ridden more forward; settled mid-field. Stewards permitted rider to ride the gelding 0.5kg over its allotted weight of 53.5kg. Slow to being (2L).
4 SUNLIT 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm For some distance near the 700m raced tight to the inside rnr. Near the 600m was steadied to avoid heels. When qst re the perf, rdr std after being obliged to follow rnr from the 600m, did not appreciate racing amongst other horses & in the straight laid in & weakened under pressure. Added in his view would be better suited ridden to the outside of other horses & also was disadvantaged by being obligated to race towards the inside, which he considered to be inferior going. Post-race vet exam rev no abs.
6 CAPRERA 30/12/2018 Orange Late scratching 5:27pm by order of the stewards when it was unable to be loaded into the barriers. Trainer was advised the gelding would be required to barrier trial on 2 consecutive occasions prior to racing again. Since passed barrier trials at Warwick Farm 22/01/2019 and 04/02/2019.
6 CAPRERA 25/03/2018 Dubbo Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was passed fit to start.
8 PRINCE JACKO 19/10/2018 Canberra Raced wide throughout. Passing the 150m when weakening was inconvenienced.
9 HEAVEN ON EARTH 1/02/2019 Canberra Rider permitted to ride 1/2kg over.
10 ONSETTLING DOWN 11/02/2019 Queanbeyan Slow to begin.
11 WALDO WALDORF 14/02/2019 Wagga Hampered near the 800m. Steadied and lost ground near the 100m.
12 I’M A JEWEL 11/02/2019 Queanbeyan Bumped on jumping. Making the turn near the 600m was checked out across heels. Re perf, rdr stated that whilst his mount was obliged to race wide throughout and also suffered interference near the 600m, in his view he felt that his mount did not travel at any stage of the event and had failed to back up following its 2nd placing at Sapphire Coast on 2 February 2019. A post-race vet exam of the mare did not reveal any abnorm.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 TIME TO REIGN 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm When qst as to why allowed to trav wide & w/o cover, rdr std antic racing outside leader. After commencing well, allowed to stride fwd but when rnr imp to inside, elected not to contest pos as was satisfied to travel wide & w/o cover. Add overraced & when placed under pres in straight, did not finish race off. Would derive a fitness benefit & was also not assisted by rain affected going. Post-race vet - no abs. Trnr std antic being able to take up a pos in lead. Was dis by overracing when wide & w/o cover. Stewards advised made an error in early stgs.
2 MCLAREN 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Bumped on jumping. Raced keenly in early stages.
3 TASSORT 24/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens Near the 300m, when improving into a narrow run between rnr's, became momentarily awkwardly placed close to heels of another rnr. When obt a tight run between rnr's appr 200m made slight contact with another rnr.
4 CHICAGO BULL 8/11/2018 Flemington began awkwardly. Raced keenly through the early stages

No Horse Date Venue Comments
3 TOP ME UP 2/02/2019 Caulfield COT: To be ridden more forward; slow to begin and settled worse than mid-field. Near the 150m when making ground into a narrow run, was then checked when tightened for room. Vet- a laceration to the left foreleg above the knee, an abrasion to the left stifle and a slow recovery.
4 GHOSTLY 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Raced wide and without cover throughout.
5 ORIENTAL RUNNER 15/02/2019 Canterbury Park When qst re riding, & in particular the use made to cross to lead rdr advised instr were to endeavour to lead & as geld can be inclined to lay in, to try to find rail. After commencing well committed to going fwd & leading, but when rnr held its ground to inside was obliged to make more use to cross, was able to secure lead near 700m. Trnr expressed some dissatisfaction with riding in he did not specifically require rdr to lead & was provided with opt of racing away from rail. After considering trnr instr, Stewards advised rdr had made an error early stgs & must ensure fully understands instr.
8 I GOT YOU 2/02/2019 Caulfield Restrained from the start. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities
9 STAR OF THE SEAS (NZ) 6/02/2019 Kensington Shifted behind runners in the early stages from its wide barrier.
13e GRIMOIRE 22/02/2019 Canterbury Park Near the 500m shifted to the outside of a rnr to commence improving and in doing so made contact with another rnr, carrying that horse slightly wider
14e SEDITION 8/02/2019 Canterbury Park Slow to begin.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SENSE OF OCCASION 13/10/2018 Royal Randwick Vet rev no abnormality.
2 ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN (IRE) 24/10/2018 bet365 Geelong raced wide without cover. When giving ground, was momentarily steadied away from heels. rdr - reported that his mount hung out and that the off side bubble cheeker became adrift in the early - no abs.
3 MCCREERY (GB) 28/04/2018 Hawkesbury A post-race veterinary examination the gelding, which injured its off-hind cannon subsequent to the race, revealed it to have a laceration which required treatment.
4 MORTON’S FORK 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Shifted behind runners shortly after the start. App the 1200m, rnr commenced to race keenly, was steadied from heels & shifted out. As a consequence, improved to the inside of rnr & shortly after had to be steadied when that rnr shifted back in to resume its position.
5 MASK OF TIME (IRE) 24/11/2018 Sportsbet-Ballarat Performance queried. R: mount may be better suited when ridden more forward. Not suited in today's event and midfield and no cover.
6 SHRAAOH (IRE) 6/11/2018 Flemington slow to begin.
8 ALL TOO SOON 10/11/2018 Flemington Had to be steadied near the 700m to avoid heels.
9 JUST SHINE (NZ) 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick Rider arrival on course was delayed significantly due to late arrival of an international flight. With the approval of connections Stewards permitted rdr to ride gelding 1.5kg over its allotted weight, as she had not been provided with sufficient time to undertake her weight loss regime due to her late arrival. From wide barrier was shifted in behind rnr's in early stgs. Was inclined to overrace & appr 1000m imp to inside of another runner when that rnr shifted out slightly. Soon after that rnr shifted back in which resulted in her mount having to be checked to avoid heels of that rnr.
10 NEW UNIVERSE (NZ) 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm On jumping was steadied when crowded.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 THE AUTUMN SUN 13/10/2018 Caulfield Raced three wide without cover.
2 BONDI 12/01/2019 Gold Coast Overraced in the early stages. Laid out and away from BOOMSARA over the concluding stages and momentarily brushed OUTBACK BARBIE.
5 PAQUIRRI 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens From the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in early stages. Rdr advised in his opinion the colt did not handle today's soft track conditions. Vet exam revealed no abnormalities other than the colt lost is near-fore plate.
6 VEGADAZE 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Stewards approved an application to remove Winkers from last start winner on the basis gelding was stepping up in distance and grade.
7 PURPLE SECTOR (NZ) 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm From its wide barrier was shifted in behind runners in the early stages.
8 BUCEPHALUS 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Rdr advised that whilst colt trav satisfactorily, when it received a bump on the home turn became under pressure and did not handle the soft track conditions and weakened as a result. Post-race vet exam revealed the colt to be displaying a poor post-race recovery. Trn agreed with the assessment Rdr and confirmed the stable would endeavour to avoid rain-affected going.
9 RANCHO NOTORIOUS 8/02/2019 Canterbury Park When qst rdr stated after settling in a rearward pos app the 700m when he noticed rnr to be under pressure, as he felt that rnr would not provide him with a trail into the race, elected to imp pos to the inside of rnrs. Said after being held up rounding the H/T on straightening had to be steadied when dis for running between rnrs when that runner shifted out. Was then held up & was unable to be fully tested in the home straight.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SPIN BOBS Bonus Scheme 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Near the 800m was steadied off heels.
2 RAGGED RASCAL BOBS Bonus Scheme 10/11/2018 Flemington Jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.
3 THE AUGUST 22/02/2019 Canterbury Park From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.
5 GOLDEN TYCOON 11/08/2018 Rosehill Gardens Stewards permitted rdr to ride colt 0.5kg over its allotted weight.
6 ROOSEVELT BOBS Bonus Scheme 20/10/2018 Royal Randwick Rider stated when crossed by runner near 1000m her mount which was racing keenly settled reasonably well behind the runner. Added when tempo eased near 800m mount commenced to race keenly, was steadied from the heels of a runner and was obliged to shift three-wide where the colt raced keenly & was left racing 3 wide & without cover through mid stgs. Fthr std the colt would be suited by dropping back in dist & settling on a more genuine tempo. Post race vet no abs. Stable rep undertook to report back. Trn since reported stable was satisfied with the post race condition of the colt.
7 THE TENOR BOBS Bonus Scheme 3/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens When qst re disap perf, rdr std throughout mid stgs mount raced keenly & had to be restr fm heels of another rnr at various stgs until h/t. Added in early part of str mount commenced to hang in & after making contact with another rnr, failed to quicken. Further std key reason for poor perf was manner it raced during early & mid stgs. Post race vet rev colt to be (1/5) lame in the near foreleg. Rep std colt would now be spelled. Vet clearance since received.
8 WAGNER BOBS Bonus Scheme 10/11/2018 Flemington Rider reported his mount raced greenly throughout the event and failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure. Post race Vet Exam failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.
9 BALLER BOBS Bonus Scheme 8/12/2018 Rosehill Gardens Shifted out near the 50m.
10 MANSA MUSA BOBS Bonus Scheme 20/10/2018 Royal Randwick 3rd past post, protested against by 4th - upheld. Shortly after the start shifted out and made contact with runner.
11 INVICTUS SALUTE BOBS Bonus Scheme 12/05/2018 Scone Slow to begin. Near the 800m was steadied when crowded for room. In the early part of the straight was inclined to lay in resulting in its rider having to change the whip into his right hand near the 200m.
12 SHE’S FURLINE BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/10/2018 Royal Randwick Bounded on jumping & lost ground. Was then hampered shortly after the start.
14e PROPHET’S THUMB BOBS Bonus Scheme 16/01/2019 Warwick Farm Shifted in near the 100m. Post race vet rev filly to be displaying cardiac arrhythmia. Vet clearance including ECG since received. Since passed barrier trial Warwick Farm 22/01/2019.
15e THE SOLOIST BOBS Bonus Scheme 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick When giving ground near the 150m had to be steadied when crowded between runners.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SAVVY COUP (NZ) 10/11/2018 Flemington Over raced in the early and middle stages. Rider reported when the race quickened his mount was left flat footed and failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure. Post race Vet Exam failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.
2 DAYSEE DOOM 22/09/2018 Rosehill Gardens Began awkwardly. Rdr advised mount was able to secure a pos with cover behind leaders where it trav well in the run & then, once he elected to shift off 3 wide near the 500m to improve, mare did not quicken as he had expected & gave ground under pressure in the straight. Post race vet rev no abs. Trn advised mare pleased leading into event & disap perf was attributed to fact mare had an extended prep, whereby it trav interstate & raced like in need of a spell. Added would consult owner & report back. Trn since reported was satisfied with post race cond, however, mare has now been spelled.
4 LUVALUVA (NZ) 24/11/2018 Sportsbet-Ballarat Performance queried. R: Mount not suited soft track conditions.
6 EGYPTIAN SYMBOL 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Shifted in behind runners from its wide draw in the early stages.
8 WHITE MOSS 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Reared on jumping and lost ground.
9 MOSS TRIP 23/06/2018 Doomben Restrained from heels near the 800m and shifted out despite the efforts of its rider. Had to be restrained from heels near the 600m.
11 JAMAICAN RAIN 1/09/2018 Caulfield Steadied and relinquished its position near the 900m out across heels.
12 EPIDEMIC 6/11/2018 Flemington tightened for running near 300m.
Race 8 - 5:10PM PARRAMATTA CUP (1900 METRES)

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 AUVRAY (FR) 6/11/2018 Flemington lost off fore plate in running.
3 SINGING (FR) 17/01/2019 Gosford Taken in by another runner passing the 1600m.
9 HIGH BRIDGE (GB) 20/10/2018 Royal Randwick Slow to begin. Rdr std inst to be fwd of mid. Add est midfield pos, failed to trav early stgs & elect to allow rnr to cross, resulting in geld trav towards rear. Add quicker than av tempo early & entering back str tempo slackened but still had to encourge it to hold pos & not lose touch wth lead divsion. Further std from this point geld raced disap. P/R vet slow to recover. Trn adv pleased leading into event & displ no lameness issues. Added unsuited by fast tempo & had now come to end of its prep.
11 TANGLED 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm When qst re perf, rdr std was able to take up a mid pos following rnr t/o early & mid stgs. Said from 800m when he was looking to imp, rnr did not imp & as a consequence, was held up behind that rnr until near 600m when he shifted to the inside of that rnr to follow rnr & to imp into the event. Said whilst it was open to him to shift to the outside near 800m, was not trav well enough to sustain a long run to the outside & for this reason, elected to follow inside rnr. Added in his view, was better suited for firmer surfaces & for this reason, was not too disappointed with perf.
13 MORE ENERGY 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm App the 1200m commenced to race keenly and was steadied from heels and shifted out.
14e JOE’S JOY 1/02/2019 Canterbury Park COT: to be ridden further forward and lead if circumstances permit; led.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 TOUGHERTHANTHEREST 17/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens Hung out rounding the home turn.
5 SHE KNOWS 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.
6 ALL TOO ROYAL 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Began awkwardly then was bumped.
7 ALBUMIN 16/02/2019 Royal Randwick Got hind leg up on running board - examined by vet and passed fit to start. Rider could offer no explanation for disappointing performance. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Trainer advised the stable was satisfied with the post – race condition of the gelding.
8 AKASAKI 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Was held up for clear running in the early part of the straight & near the 250m, was steadied when disappointed for clear running. Near the 150m again was steadied when disappointed for clear running between rnrs & did not obtain clear running until nearing the 100m.
9 GOT UNDERS 22/09/2018 Rosehill Gardens Shortly after the 300m was hampered when momentarily crowded.
10 MEMES 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Hung out on the home turn.
12 LATIN BOY 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Slow to begin.
13 MALAHAT 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm From its wide draw, was shifted in behind runners in the early stages.
15e HIGHLAND BEAT 1/09/2018 Caulfield Raced three wide without cover. A post race veterinary examination identified the presence of blood at both nostrils. The gelding shall not without permission of the Stewards: (a) be trained, exercised or galloped on any racecourse for a period of two months thereafter; (b) start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after a satisfactory gallop of at least 1000m in the presence of a Steward. Since passed satisfactory gallop Flemington 18/01/2019.
16e GOT THE GOSS 18/08/2018 Caulfield Rdr reported his mount was disappointing. Post race vet exam no abs. Change of stable since and has undegone a respiratory procedure.
17e RENEWAL 1/10/2018 Kensington Slow to begin. Had to be steadied near the 600m. When qst re disap perf, rdr std, mount began only fairly, he was able to offset this by taking up a midfield position without having to pressure it, however, mount was only one-paced in the straight & weakened over the final stages. Post race vet did not rev any abs. Co-trn advised he will assess cond of gelding in days subsequent & a decision will be made re; immediate racing future. Co-trn since advised stable was satisfied with post race cond of geld, however, the gelding has now been spelled.