Royal Randwick: Australian Turf Club Saturday 16, February 2019

Meeting Type: Metro (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: +3m Entire Circuit
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Penetrometer: 5.14
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Wed 13-Feb-19 4:54PM AEDT
Riders must be declared before: Wed 13-Feb-19 12:00PM AEDT
Scratching close: Sat 16-Feb-19 7:30AM AEDT
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 105

Race 1 - 12:50PM PIERRO PLATE (1100 METRES)

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 GARIBALDI BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/02/2019 Eagle Farm Laid inwards over the final 200m.
2 JONAH BOBS Bonus Scheme 24/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens Slow to begin. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormality.
3 COVERT OPS BOBS Bonus Scheme 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick When under pressure in the straight was inclined to lay out.
7 ROTATOR BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens When being crossed near the 900m commenced to race keenly and shifted out abruptly. Then continued to race keenly in the middle stages. Hung out under pressure in the straight and proved difficult to ride in the early part of the straight.
8 INTREPIDACIOUS BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Began awkwardly. On the home turn was steadied when awkwardly placed close to heels. Vet exam of filly, which raced three wide and without cover throughout the event, revealed the filly to be slow to recover.
9 TENLEY BOBS Bonus Scheme 22/11/2018 Kensington Shortly after the start was shifted in behind runners from its wide barrier. Had some difficulty obtaining clear running in the early part of the straight. Leaving the 200m was shifted to the outside of another rnr to continue into clear running.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 NOTHIN’ LIKE HARRY 16/01/2019 Ladbrokes Park Lakeside Raced keenly through the early stages and again in the middle stages. Laid out rounding the home turn. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.
3 BALANSA BOBS Extra Bonus Scheme 22/01/2019 Wagga Slow to begin. Raced very ungenerously throughout and as a result was obliged to race wide without cover throughout. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.
4 WESTON BOBS Extra Bonus Scheme 2/02/2019 Gold Coast Held up rounding the home turn.
8 MOSSY GIRL 3/02/2019 Sapphire Coast Change of tactics: To be ridden more forward; settled back. A post-race veterinary examination of the mare did not reveal any abnormality.
10 PONTMAIN (FR) 22/01/2019 Wagga Made contact with a runner near the 600m when shifting out to improve.
11 BILLS A GOODIE 27/01/2019 Wyong Approaching home turn laid outwards and steadied off heels of another runner.
Race 3 - 2:05PM HURUN REPORT CUP (2400 METRES)

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 RENEGED 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Crowded shortly after start. Near the 300m endeavoured to improve but when Rnr shifted back in was held up before shifting out at the 200m to secure clear running.
7 LETTER TO JULIETTE 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event. Near the 800m was taken wider.
9 ALLCASH (IRE) 13/02/2019 Warwick Farm Hampered on jumping. Post-race vet exam rev the gelding to be ⅖ lame in the near-fore leg. Stable rep advised a vet clearance would be required prior to being permitted to race again. Clearance received.
10 FABRICATOR 8/02/2019 Canterbury Park Hit rail passing the winning post on first occasion.
12 CURATA PRINCESS 28/01/2019 Warwick Farm Rdr stated that near the 900m his mount became under pressure and lay in, causing him some concern with its action. He added that as a result he did not test the horse in the straight. A post-race vet exam did not reveal any abs. Co-trainer could offer no excuse for the disappointing performance. Trnr prov blood results which showed slight abnormalities. He added that on returning back to the stable, the mare was found to be in season.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SPECIAL MISSILE 19/01/2019 Rosehill Gardens Was slow to begin. Rider stated that with the gelding resuming over a sprint distance he had been instructed to not push his mount along in the early stages and to take up a position towards the rear of the field. He said that throughout the middle stages of the event his runner did not travel strongly and he was required to encourage his mount to maintain a position behind the field. After improving to the outside on straightening runner ran to the line only fairly.
2 DON’T GIVE A DAMN 3/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens Hung out approaching & rounding te h/t & shifted ground.
3 KARAVALI (NZ) 25/11/2018 Goulburn Passing the 250m was restrained when crowded for room when attempting a narrow run.
6 KING LEAR 2/02/2019 Eagle Farm Slightly slow to begin and was then bumped when LA SCOPA jumped inwards.
7 GAUGUIN (NZ) 16/09/2018 Dubbo Pulled hard in the early and middle stages; laid out under pressure in the straight.
10 DIPLOMATICO BOBS Bonus Scheme 3/11/2018 Flemington - rider Brenton Avdulla reported that his mount raced greenly and would benefit from its first race down the straight.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
6 ECKSTEIN 10/11/2018 Flemington Jumped away awkwardly.
7 DON’T GIVE A DAMN 3/11/2018 Rosehill Gardens Hung out approaching & rounding te h/t & shifted ground.
8 ALBUMIN 8/12/2018 Rosehill Gardens A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities other than the gelding lost its near fore plate.
9 BRUTAL (NZ) 15/09/2018 Flemington Over concluding stages shifted out.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 HAPPY CLAPPER 15/09/2018 Flemington CoT - ridden further forward; settled outside leader. Near 200m taken out & was checked off heels. Vet - bled both nostrils. Cleared to race, trialled Randwick 24/1/19 and 7/2/19.
2 PATRICK ERIN (NZ) 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick Crowded approaching the 1200m.
4 TOM MELBOURNE (IRE) 26/01/2019 Royal Randwick Raced keenly in the early stages. Laid in in the straight. Rdr was advised that he must ensure that he leaves sufficient racing room for runners to his inside.
6 UNFORGOTTEN 13/10/2018 Caulfield COT: Midfield and settled midfield. Near 1500m taken in and lost position. Held up for short distance approaching and passing 300m. Raced close to heels concluding stages. R: Mount appreciate tracks with more give.
7 EGG TART 27/10/2018 Moonee Valley R: Mount better suited on track with more give.
8 ALOISIA (NZ) 15/12/2018 Royal Randwick COT - To be ridden more conservatively; settled back. From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 OOHOOD 3/11/2018 Flemington Eased near the 200m and disappointed for a run near the 100m
2 EL DORADO DREAMING 3/11/2018 Flemington Held up for a short distance near the 300m
3 GREYSFUL GLAMOUR 8/11/2018 Flemington connections advised the intention was to lead; led
4 TERMINOLOGY 12/01/2019 Gold Coast Laid out over the final 100m.
6 MISS FABULASS 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick Shifted in on jumping. Rdr advised mount refused to settle throughout the early & middle stages of event & was checked from heels of another rnr a number of occasions. Added near the 900m he was obl to shift to a 3 wide pos when awk placed too close to heels & this resulted in his mount having to race wide & without cover from that point. Further std the racing manners of his mount were detrimental to its chances.
8 SYLVIA’S MOTHER 26/01/2019 Royal Randwick Overraced for some distance in the middle stages and near the 600m was restrained from the heels of another rnr. Held up for clear running until near the 200m.
9 MADAM ROUGE 6/11/2018 Flemington began awkwardly
10 NAKEETA JANE 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick Was checked soon after the start when crowded between runners. For some distance near the 600m was steadied when awkwardly placed close to heels. Held up making the home turn.
11 AUTUMN 30/01/2019 Gosford From wide barrier was shifted behind runners in early stages.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 I AM EXCITED 3/11/2018 Flemington Began awkwardly
2 INVINCIBLE GEM 3/11/2018 Flemington Began awkwardly
4 BELLA MARTINI 3/11/2018 Flemington Raced wide
5 RESIN 6/11/2018 Flemington checked on jumping.
6 SIREN’S FURY 23/06/2018 Doomben Slow to begin.
8 FROLIC 12/01/2019 Royal Randwick Slow to begin.
9 SWEET SCANDAL 19/01/2019 Rosehill Gardens When placed under pressure inside the final 300m was inclined to lay out and shifted ground.
10 ALASSIO 9/02/2019 Warwick Farm Near the 100m, was inconvenienced when being eased to avoid heels

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 SHALMANESER 5/10/2018 Port Macquarie Rider stated that his mount travelled well until the 800m, then only ran to the line moderately and in his opinion, it felt like a tired horse. A post-race veterinary examination revealed nil abnormalities.
5 ALL TOO SOON 10/11/2018 Flemington Had to be steadied near the 700m to avoid heels.
7 SMARTEDGE 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Slow to begin.
8 GIRL TUESDAY 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Rdr advised from wide barrier inst to have the mare ridden conservatively to ensure it obtained cover. Said was not suited by the moderately run event and as a result, when the tempo quickened, was unable to make any appreciable ground in straight. Add would derive a fitness benefit from today's perf. Vet revealed slow to recover. Trn concurred with the views of Rdr and advised had returned to stable heavier in condition.
10 THE AVENGER 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Slow to begin. App 250m, when attempting a narrow run had to be steadied.
12 GREEN SWEET (USA) 3/02/2019 Sapphire Coast Slow to begin. Was held up in the early part of the straight and after the 300m had to be shifted in to obtain clear running.
13 JAKE’S HILL (GB) 29/09/2018 Royal Randwick Taken wider approaching the 2000m. Raced wide and without cover from the 1700m.
15 NICOCHET 2/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens Bumped near 250m. App 1000m was hampered when bumped on a number of occasions.