Hawkesbury: Hawkesbury Race Club Sunday 15, December 2019

Meeting Type: Provincial (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: True
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Overcast
Penetrometer: 5.12
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Sun 15-Dec-19 9:13AM AEDT
Riders must be declared before: Thu 12-Dec-19 12:00PM AEDT
Scratching close: Sun 15-Dec-19 7:30AM AEDT
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 46


No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 ZEPPELIN 29/11/2019 Canterbury Park Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
2 SILENT GENERAL 29/11/2019 Canterbury Park Began awkwardly and lost ground
4 GITAN 29/11/2019 Canterbury Park On jumping was badly crowded and then shortly afterwards had to be checked.
6 MUSHROOM ROCK (NZ) 28/08/2019 Ladbrokes Park Lakeside Commenced a run four wide around the field from the 1400 metres when the pace slackened to take up a forward position, however, was obliged to race wide without cover for the remainder of the event and weakened noticeably from the 600 metres. Rdr reported his mount failed to handle today’s Heavy 8 track conditions. A post-race vet exam revealed the gelding to be lame right hind. A veterinary clearance is required prior to racing again.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 WAR CABINET 7/11/2019 Hawkesbury Raced keenly throughout the early stages.
4 OUR FOX BOBS Bonus Scheme 29/11/2019 Muswellbrook Ran wide under pressure inside the 200m.
6 DIMITRI BOBS Bonus Scheme 7/11/2019 Hawkesbury Bumped on jumping. Raced keenly throughout the early & middle stages. Approaching the 600m had to be eased away from heels.
7 MOINDA 28/11/2019 Wyong Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
10 DREAMS OUT WEST BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/11/2019 Dubbo Late scratching at 12:57pm by order of the stewards when the filly was unable loaded into the barriers. Trainer was advised filly would be required to barrier trial. Has since been cleared to resume racing.
10 DREAMS OUT WEST BOBS Bonus Scheme 15/10/2019 Newcastle Began awkardly and then shortly afterwards was hampered.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 ROOSEVELT 13/12/2019 Canterbury Park From its wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.
2 EDISON BOBS Bonus Scheme 14/12/2019 Royal Randwick Bumped on the hindquarters on jumping and became unbalanced.
3 POWER RUSH (NZ) 14/12/2019 Aquis Park Gold Coast Raced three wide throughout. Heavily bumped and forced wider near the 800m. Momentarily forced four wide near the 600m. Bumped and became unbalanced near the home turn and again near the 250m.
7 JUST FIELD BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/11/2019 Warwick Farm Began awkwardly, shifted in & was bumped. Approaching 800m became very unbalanced after shifting in & away from rnr. Shifted out under pressure over the concluding stages. Rider reported following this incident was reluctant to race to the inside of rnr. Said whilst he was satisfied with the finishing effort of the filly, believes would perform best when able to race to the outside of other runners.
8 CHELSEA REIGN BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/11/2019 Kembla Grange Bgn awk. Near the 600m, attempting to hold a position one off the fence made contact. Rdr std when held up behind on straightening, tried to shift to the outside he was unable to do so. Continued to be held up and, when a run that he had hoped would develop between runners did not eventuate, he was obliged to steady his mount when awkwardly placed. Also, std he was reluctant to take a narrow run that presented to the inside of a runner because he was concerned that runner may shift in. Also, unable to pressure his mnt over the final 150.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 CANZONET 22/11/2019 Gosford Bumped heavily at the start.
2 EIGHTH IMMORTAL 22/08/2019 Hawkesbury COT: To be ridden further forward; led. Laid in when placed under pressure in the straight, placing its rider at a disadvantage fully testing the gelding
4 SOCIAL SMILE 22/11/2019 Gosford Rdr reported that approaching the home turn he was held up. He added after entering the home straight a narrow run developed and he attempted to place mnt into that run, however mnt was reluctant to shift into the run despite his urgings, and passing the 100m the run closed which resulted in him being unable to test mnt over the final stages of the event.
5 CANDY BAR BOBS Bonus Scheme 16/06/2019 Muswellbrook Raced ungenerously during the middle stages.
6 CAPRI OF TUFFY BOBS Bonus Scheme 13/12/2019 Canterbury Park Shifted out at the start and made heavy contact with another rnr. Near the 900m was awkwardly placed at the heels of another rnr. Inclined to lay in under pressure.
7 ENAMOUR (NZ) 28/11/2019 Wyong On jumping was crowded.
9 FAITH AND LOVE 23/05/2019 Wangaratta Laid out under pressure in the home straight and near the 300m shifted out and bumped with another runner.
11 NEW DAY BOBS Bonus Scheme 22/11/2019 Gosford COT: To be ridden conservatively; settled back. After beginning awkwardly and making contact with another rnr, was then shifted behind rnrs from its wide barrier. For a short distance in the early part of the straight was reluctant to shift to the outside of heels when rdr was attempting to place it into clear running.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 POWER OF WEXFORD 29/11/2019 Muswellbrook Experienced some difficulty obtaining clear running at the entrance to the home straight.
3 SECRETLY BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/11/2019 Kembla Grange Rdr std that, after being slow to begin mnt then did not travel as well as hoped after settling at the rear of the field. Added mnt did not appreciate racing to the inside of other runners and, whilst he was able to manoeuvre mnt to the outside of the field passing the 300m, due to his relative positioning he was unable to do this sooner. Added when placed under pressure from this point mnt responded well to his riding and finished its race off strongly, particularly over the final 100m.
5 MACKELLAR’S LOVE 24/10/2019 Hawkesbury Pulled hard in middle stages. Laid out and rounded the home turn awkwardly.
7 KARIBA BOBS Bonus Scheme 28/11/2019 Wyong Stewards permitted rider to ride the filly 0.5 kilogram over its allotted weight. Approaching the winning post was steadied away from heels, which was inclined to shift out under pressure.
8 DENIM STREET 3/12/2019 Tamworth Reared at the start and lost ground (3L).
9 INVINCIBLE QUEEN 7/09/2018 Tuncurry Got its head down as the start was effected, resulting in the rider becoming unbalanced and beginning awkwardly.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 NEW OFFER 10/06/2019 Kensington Bumped on jumping. A post-race vet exam rev colt to be lame (2/5) in the off-hind leg. Vet cert required.
3 RIOT ACT BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/11/2019 Warwick Farm From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages.
4 SOMNUS (NZ) 27/11/2019 Warwick Farm Slow to begin. When asked for an explanation regarding the poor performance, rider stated that whilst the gelding was disadvantaged by the slow tempo, nevertheless, he was disappointed in its effort over the final 300m. Post-race vet exam did not reveal any abs.
5 THE SNOOPERSTAR BOBS Bonus Scheme 6/12/2019 Kensington Slow to begin.
7 VIREN BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/11/2019 Kembla Grange Near the 250m, when racing tight, had to be steadied when crowded between that runner and another runner which shifted in slightly. In the incident, the gelding was taken in and made contact with a runner, resulting in both runners becoming unbalanced.
8 CHARMMEBABY (NZ) 23/11/2019 Gosford From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Passing the 150m was hampered and carried wider.
9 I LOVE LUKA BOBS Bonus Scheme 29/11/2019 Canberra Raced keenly throughout the early and middle stages.
10 SERAPH 15/11/2019 Canterbury Park Slow to begin.