Hawkesbury: Hawkesbury Race Club Tuesday 16, April 2019

Meeting Type: Provincial (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: +3m 1300m-800m; +5m 800m-W/Post; True Remainder
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Penetrometer: 4.76
Track Information: J Parr not attending
FinalFields Last Published: Tue 16-Apr-19 2:52PM AEST
Riders must be declared before: Fri 12-Apr-19 12:00PM AEST
Scratching close: Tue 16-Apr-19 7:30AM AEST
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 71


No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 BRILLIANCE SQUARED (NZ) 3/04/2019 Kensington Began only fairly, shifted out & bumped another. In the incident geld lost ground & then was shifted behind runners from its wide draw. Early in the straight was shifted to the outside of the field & closed off the race well.
6 CHARGED FLAME 30/03/2019 Wyong From the 400m was inclined to lay in and for a short distance rounding the home turn was held up and had to be shifted to the outside to continue into clear running.
7 LADY LUCIENNE BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/03/2019 Wyong Rdr explained the filly raced keenly in the lead throughout the event and was under pressure from the 500m and weakened thereafter. A post-race vet exam revealed the filly to be 2/5 lame in the near-foreleg and was galloped on to the near-hind leg. Trnr was advised a vet certificate would be required prior to the filly racing again. vet cert since received.
8 PINUP MISS BOBS Bonus Scheme 3/04/2019 Kensington COT: To be ridden prominently; settle outside the lead, albeit wide. Began awkwardly & was hampered shortly after. Travelled wide & without cover throughout the event.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
4 HOSTWIN SUPREME BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/04/2019 Gosford Stood flat-footed & missed the start (4L). Trainer advised must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again. After the 600m was placed in restricted room then shortly after had to be severely checked when it ran out across heels. Post-race veterinary exam did not reveal any abs.
5 GORGONS BOBS Bonus Scheme 21/10/2017 Royal Randwick On jumping was hampered when bumped.
6 MADAM OAKS 4/04/2019 Gosford On straightening shifted in abruptly, obliging its rider to stop riding and straighten his mount and change his whip to his right hand, continued to lay in in the run to the finish.
7 INVINCIANO BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/11/2018 Gosford Rdr reported intention was to impr to inside of another rnr rounding the h/t, however, mount commenced to hang out & as a result was steadied to avoid heels, obliging him to shift his mount to the outside to continue clear running. Added mount then laid out over the final 200m. Post race vet rev no abs.
8 MANDALONG SERA BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/11/2018 Gosford Slow to begin.
10 MANDALONG ONE UP 6/11/2018 Royal Randwick Jumped awkwardly. Was inclined to lay in, in the early stages & near the 800m was briefly crowded between runners.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 SINGLE BLONDE BOBS Bonus Scheme 15/12/2018 Doomben Steadied near the 900m when racing in restricted room. Lost the off hind plate in running.
5 BANDERSNATCH BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/03/2019 Wyong began awkwardly, shifted in and made contact with a rnr as a result lost ground. For some distance in the middle stages overraced and got its head up on a number of occasions when awkwardly placed close to the heels of a rnr. Held up from the 400m until straightening.
6 KIBIBI BOBS Bonus Scheme 13/03/2019 Warwick Farm On jumping was bumped heavily and became unbalanced.
8 SEARCHINBROOK BOBS Bonus Scheme 12/12/2018 Wyong Taken in on jumping.
9 SALLY’S DAY BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/02/2019 Rosehill Gardens When qstd re perform, rdr std that his mount began only fairly & as he had been asked to ride positively in early stages he had to make use of filly to settle outside the leader & eventual winner, where it travelled strongly for the major part of the race. He said that the early effort of racing forward & the manner in which filly had travelled had a significant bearing on it weakening over the final 100m. Post-race vet exam - no abs. Stable subsequently reported were satisfied with post- race condition of the filly.
10 CHELSEA REIGN BOBS Bonus Scheme 22/11/2018 Kensington Shifted in & bumped with another rnr on jumping. When qst re disap perf, rdr std mount got its head up on a number of occasions throughout early & mid stgs & proved difficult to settle, nonetheless, did not feel that this contributed to it failing to close the event off. Added appr & rounding h/t mount commenced to work into race fairly, however, after receiving bump fm another rnr near 300m his mount became unbalanced & failed to resp thereafter. Post race vet rev no abs. Co-trn since advised that, whilst satisfied with its post race cond, the filly has now been spelled.
11e ATOMIC BOMB BOBS Bonus Scheme 19/03/2019 Murwillumbah Bumped on jumping. Eased from heels approaching the first turn. Shifted in abruptly near the 150m.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 DIAMOND THUNDER BOBS Bonus Scheme 26/12/2018 Royal Randwick The colt, which was fractious in the parade ring and kicked out and made contact with a perimeter fence, underwent a veterinary examination and was passed suitable to race.Laid in shortly after the start. Was under pressure in the straight, raced greenly and was inclined to shift ground which resulted in it being difficult to fully test over the final 200m.
8 BRAZENPINE 17/11/2018 Kembla Grange Bumped at the start. Hung out over the concluding stages.
9 PRECISELY BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/03/2019 Warwick Farm Shortly after the start, blundered and made contact with a rnr. A post race vet exam, which weakened noticeably over the final 100m, rev the filly to be slow to recover and to have lost its near fore plate.
10 JUDGE’S DAUGHTER BOBS Bonus Scheme 17/11/2018 Kembla Grange Began awkwardly.
11e HONEY ELYSEES 28/03/2019 Hawkesbury Change of tactics – to be ridden conservatively; settled worse than mid-field. Began awkwardly and shortly afterwards was bumped.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 VALERIA 20/02/2019 Kensington Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
3 LADIES’ GEM 19/12/2018 Wyong Began awkwardly.
4 MIGHTY MARMALADE 21/03/2019 Newcastle Vet exam revealed cardiac arrhythmia. Trainer was told vet exam req including an ECG prior to a barrier trial. Vet certificate received.
6 SUN AND HEIR 15/09/2018 Newcastle After being slow to begin was then hampered when crowded by another runner. Was then steadied and shifted in behind runners in the early stages.
7 FARSTAR 26/03/2019 bet365 Geelong Performed below market expectations-Commenced awkwardly-Over-raced early and mid stages when wide without cover. Rider could offer no explanation for performance-post-race vet exam failed to reveal any abs
8 POLHAMPTON 21/12/2018 Kensington Slow to begin.
11e MUSE 24/07/2018 Wyong Held up for clear running from the 400m & had to be shifted to the outside of another rnr shortly after straightening to improve into clear running. Hung in in the straight & proved difficult to ride out.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
3 HOSTWIN SHADOW 23/03/2019 Kembla Grange rider stated that after beginning only fairly he rode his mount along in the early stages to race prominently, however, when runners drawn to his outside showed superior speed and were able to cross him near the 800m, he then settled in a position behind with cover. when placed under pressure in the straight his mount weakened noticeably over the final 200 metres. He added that, in his opinion the geld performs better when able to lead on a smaller track. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abs. Stewards will follow up on post-race condition of the gelding.
4 TINKER DAN 5/12/2018 Warwick Farm dr std under no spec instr however anti geld would race prominently. After beginning awk & losing ground, was unable to ride geld as hoped & settled further back in field. Appr 1600m when tempo slowed, geld, which was racing keen, impr to race o/side of heels. When that rnr steadied & shifted out, geld was taken four wide without cover. Geld cont to race keen & despite his efforts to restrain geld impr fwd & ult led appr 1200m. In mid stages cont to restrain mount however did not respond & ult drew a margin on field & set a quicker tempo than would have liked. A post-race vet exam rev no abs.
5 KOORINGAL STAR 21/03/2019 Albury Crowded passing the 1000m and lost ground.
7 SACRED EDGE 19/08/2018 Taree Rider stated that his mount did not handle the firm going and when asked for an effort from the 500m, was left flatfooted and ran to the finish line in a disappointing manner, laid in in the home straight. Post race vet exam revealed nil abnormalities.
8 LEARDO (NZ) 15/12/2018 Kembla Grange COT - Option to be ridden further forward: settled off-pace. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormalities.
9 MUSUME BOBS Bonus Scheme 3/01/2019 Kembla Grange Shifted in after beginning awkwardly.
11 YOUR WITNESS 13/04/2019 Newcastle held up rounding the home turn and did not obtain clear running until near the 250m, then raced greenly when in clear running and was inclined to shift ground.
12 ONE OF THE KIND 31/03/2019 Nowra When questioned, rider could offer no explanation for the gelding which was disappointing, being beaten 14L. A post-race veterinary examination of the gelding did not reveal any abnormality. Trainer advised that he was pleased with the gelding’s 4th placing on a heavy track last start at Kembla Grange on 15 March and anticipated another forward showing on the same rated surface today. He further added that he could offer no explanation for the performance and advised that the gelding pulled up particularly well the next day.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
2 CARLUCA 9/04/2019 Hawkesbury Slow to begin and was then shifted behind runners in the early stages. Raced keenly in the middle stages.
3 ONTHETAKE BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/04/2019 Gosford Held up rounding the home turn.
4 SPEED HERO 3/04/2019 Kensington When closing off the race fairly was crowded briefly near the 100m. App. rdr was spoken to regarding his lack of vigour over the final 50m & advised that in similar circumstances he should resume pressuring his mounts right to the finish wherever possible.
5 LORD HERON 6/04/2019 Kembla Grange Raced wide & without cover for the majority of the event. Rider reminded of her obligation to ride her mount out fully to the finish. Geld lost its off fore plate in running.
7 FOXDOWN 28/03/2019 Hawkesbury Passing the 300m was shifted to the outside to continue into clear running.
8 LAMMA HILTON 24/03/2019 Muswellbrook Checked near the 50m, when crowded by another runner
9 MAGIC WU BOBS Bonus Scheme 25/03/2019 Goulburn Shifted out on jumping and bumped a runner. Trainer was told that a warning would be recorded against the gelding which was difficult to load.
10 LEXI’S CHOICE 30/03/2019 Wyong Protested against by 2nd place getter dismissed. Laid out when placed under pressure in the straight.
11 CHARMING LAD 13/04/2019 Newcastle when Q'd regarding her mnt leading today, rdr std she had been instructed to obtain a position mid field with cover. She said, however, from the wide barrier, when her mnt was unable to obtain cover in the early stages and the tempo was slow, it commenced to pull hard and as a consequence she allowed it to stride forward and assume the lead near the 1600m. She added that her mnt continued to race keenly in the lead and as a consequence failed to finish the race off.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 CHINA GALE 28/03/2019 Hawkesbury When qst re the disappointing perf rider explained mount travelled only fairly throughout the early & middle stages & when he placed mount under pressure app the 600m did not respond to his riding & was disappointing in its failure to finish the race off. Added that in his opinion may not have handled the quick back up from its last start at Hawkesbury on Thursday 20 March 2019. Post-race veterinary exam revealed no abs.
3 HOSTWIN EPANOUI BOBS Bonus Scheme 4/04/2019 Gosford Began awkwardly.
7 LILY ASTOLAT 30/03/2019 Wyong Approaching the first turn commenced to over race and had to be steadied away from the heels of a rnr.
8 HOLY EMPRESS 8/04/2019 Scone Began awkwardly and was slow away.