Grafton: Clarence River Jockey Club Ltd Thursday 12, July 2018

Meeting Type: Country (TAB MEETING)
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Rail Position: True
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Overcast
Track Information:
FinalFields Last Published: Thu 12-Jul-18 8:15AM AEST
Riders must be declared before: Mon 09-Jul-18 12:00PM AEST
Scratching close: Thu 12-Jul-18 7:30AM AEST
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 96


No Horse Date Venue Comments
3 MAKE ’EM CRY BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/06/2018 Canterbury Park Began awkwardly. Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.
4 NEANDERTHAL BOBS Bonus Scheme 5/07/2018 Grafton Raced wide throughout. Inclined to lay in under pressure in the straight.
5 EVERARD BOBS Bonus Scheme 2/02/2018 Canterbury Park Laid in in the straight.
6 GREYT LOVE BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/06/2018 Gold Coast Slow to muster speed.
7 ROSY ELSIE 5/07/2018 Grafton Momentarily held up rounding the home turn.
9 TAKEN ON CHANCE BOBS Bonus Scheme 5/07/2018 Grafton Began awkwardly.
10 TIPPING BOBS Bonus Scheme 30/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Apprentice J. Murphy dropped his whip near the 100m. Apprentice J. Murphy reported that in his opinion his mount was not entirely comfortable on the rain-affected surface.
11 VERNAZZA 23/06/2018 Doomben Overraced in the middle stages.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 HIGH COST 1/07/2018 Toowoomba Stewards questioned Apprentice J. Hodge regarding the tactics adopted on the gelding, particularly with respect to the tempo he set in the middle stages of the race. Refer full report.
2 NOSEY 14/02/2018 Warwick Farm After being only fairly away, then was crowded for room between rnr’s. Approaching winning post, Gelding raced in restricted room & was unable to be fully ridden out when racing tight. After passing winning post, another rnr shifted in slightly resulting in gelding having to be checked.
3 HIDE THE MOON 25/05/2018 Casino Overraced rounding the first turn.
8 LOOSE GOOSE 31/01/2018 Ipswich Hung out rounding the home turn and in the home straight.
12 CLANG’S VICTORY 27/06/2018 Doomben Raced three wide without cover.
14 POLSKIE LADY 28/11/2017 Port Macquarie A post race veterinary examination of the mare revealed it to be lame in the near fore leg and to have swelling to the near fore pastern. Vet cert including ultrasound of near fore pastern requried PTNS. Vet cert received
16e TRAUMATISED 3/07/2018 Gosford Rider stated, after beginning only fairly, his mount failed to muster speed in early stages. He said gelding did not travel well throughout early & mid stages & despite his urgings gelding did not respond to his riding & lost touch with main body of field. Added he continued to ride his mount from 600m, however, gelding, after not initially responding to his riding, over final 200m finished race off strongly.
17e MISTER SPINKS 21/06/2018 Gatton Overraced and shifted wider on the track near the 600m.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
4 JEMILY 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Hampered shortly after jumping.
7 GIDDYUP 11/07/2018 Grafton Hampered passing the 200m & appr 100m. When qst re perf, rdr std, mount was up in dist & settled behind leaders. Added when asked to sprint at entrance to straight his mount failed to resp & was disap in its run to the line. Further std in his opinion, mount is better suited being ridden further back off a geniune tempo which would allow it to sustain a finishing effort. Post race vet rev mare to have a slow recovery.
9 THEY CALL ME ROSE (NZ) 22/06/2018 Ballina When quest re perf. rdr stated mount typically likes to lead uncontested however today was obliged to settle outside winner which also has a lot of early speed. Rdr stated mount failed to travel strongly in the heavy track conditions t/out & was unable to go with the leader when it commenced to improve passing 500m. When quest tnr advised that, as it forms suggests, he did not believe the mare handled the heavy track today. P/R vet exam found mare to have mild pain in near fore foot which was re shod behind the barriers after mare shifted plate en route to the start.
10 EIGHT BELOW 11/07/2018 Grafton Began awkwardle & bumped another runner.
11 SPINNING QUARTERS 22/06/2018 Ballina Unable to improve approaching and rounding the home turn when held up on heels. Blundered rounding the home turn. At the entrance to the straight was obliged to ease out around heels to continue to improve. Laid in over the final 150m and proved difficult to ride with full vigour.
12 CONTRALTO 30/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Raced wide throughout.
13 MADAM KATE 8/07/2018 Grafton Raced wide in the early and middle stages.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 AFRICAN ACADEMY 23/05/2018 Canterbury Park Traveled wide and without cover in the early and middle stages and after the 1100m was permitted to stride forward and race outside the leader.
2 WALLANDER 16/06/2018 Gold Coast Shortly after the start was bumped by another runner and became unbalanced.
4 SERVEUR 16/06/2018 Gold Coast Slow to begin
5 VELOCANO BOBS Bonus Scheme 26/06/2018 Wyong Held up for clear running until rounding the HT.
6 GORDON’S LEAP 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Overraced in the early and middle stages. Near the 600m after improving onto heels had to shift out to improve. Laid in down the straight.
9 MELANYA 29/06/2018 Ipswich Slightly held up rounding the home turn.
10 DRAMATIC MOMENTS (NZ) 3/12/2017 Grafton Checked near 1500m
11 JEFF’S FOLLY 1/07/2018 Taree Overraced in the middle stages & near the 800m improved onto heels & had to be checked.
12 GRANDE CASADORA BOBS Bonus Scheme 20/03/2018 Grafton Inclined to overrace in the early stages.
14 BELLA BOSS 18/06/2018 Lismore Near the 150m was obliged to shift out around heels to continue to improve.
15e JUST A DAME 11/07/2018 Grafton 3rd past post, protested against 2nd placegetter - Dismissed. Near the 150m was obliged to ease in around heels to cont to impr & again was obliged to ease passing the 100m and was disap for a run to the outside of another rnr when that rnr shifted out.
17e GRANOLA STATE (NZ) 22/06/2018 Ballina Bumped on jumping and eased when tightened between runners shortly after. Overraced approaching the first turn. Momentarily tightened for room passing the 500m.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 STONE BOBS Bonus Scheme 19/05/2018 Newcastle Hung out during the middle stages & in the early part of the home straight. A post race vet exam did not reveal any abs.
2 RULER BOBS Bonus Scheme 6/06/2018 Gold Coast Bumped at start and shortly thereafter hampered when tightened for room. Overraced early and middle stages and then raced greenly in home straight.
4 MOONMO BOBS Bonus Scheme 18/06/2018 Lismore Near 1000m had to be steadied from heels.
5 SAN MARCO BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/07/2018 Taree When qstd re perf, rdr std mount travelled well throughout early & middle stages & when placed under pressure from 500m initially responded, however rounding home turn it became unbalanced and shifted wider when bumped by a runner & was disappointing in its failure to finish its race off from that point. Post-race vet exam - no abnormalities.
8 GRAND EXIT 26/06/2018 Wyong slow to begin. Became held up appr 400m & did not obtain clear running until straightening.
9 HALEY’S GIRL 1/07/2018 Taree Slow to begin (2L). Near the 50m had to be directed to the outside of a runner to continue into clear running.
11 ESPLANADE BOBS Bonus Scheme 8/03/2018 Park R- no intention to lead at most recent start (Benalla 23/2/18). Was intention today to be ridden with cover, however settled further back than intended. Failed to respond to riding when placed under pressure.
13 AIRDALE 22/06/2018 Ballina Ran wide rounding the home turn.
15e BARUCCI BOBS Bonus Scheme 1/07/2018 Taree Slow to begin.
18e GRATUITOUS 8/07/2018 Grafton Inclined to overrace in the early and middle stages. Raced wide in the early and middle stages.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 EVER SO NATURAL 11/07/2018 Grafton Near the 500m was eased after being inclined to lay out onto heels. Obliged to ease out around heels passing the 200m to continue to improve. Raced in restricted room app and passing the 100m.
3 KING LEAR 5/07/2018 Grafton Crowded shortly after jumping. Inclined to lay in under pressure between the 200m to 100m.
4 MORE PATASI 20/05/2018 Grafton Slow to begin. Inclined to pull in the middle stages. Rounding the home turn became held up on heels and was unable to improve until easing and shifting out around heels at the entrance to the straight.
5 NIC’S VENDETTA 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Raced wide throughout.
6 TAILLEVENT 23/06/2018 Doomben Raced 3 wide without cover.
7 ALOT LIKE HOME 28/02/2018 Rosehill Gardens Shifted its off-hind plate during the parade, which necessitated it being refitted prior to leaving the enclosure. Underwent a vet exam on arrival at barriers & was passed fit to start. Inside the final 100m, shifted out under pressure.
8 THE LION 29/06/2018 Tamworth Slow to begin.
9 ABOHAR 17/03/2018 Gold Coast Raced wide without cover throughout. Hung in throughout. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to be lame in the near fore leg.
12 DOMINANT CROWN 5/07/2018 Grafton Raced wide throughout.
13 EDITORS BOBS Bonus Scheme 27/04/2018 Coffs Harbour Approaching the first turn was checked after pulling its way up inside another runner. Rounding the home turn became held up on heels and was unable to be fully tested until shifting out into clear running passing the 300m.
16e JETS CRACKER 5/07/2018 Grafton Overraced in the early stages.
17e BUDAWANG 23/06/2018 Royal Randwick Stewards permitted rider to ride the gelding one kilogram over its allotted weight of 53kg. Shifted ground on jumping.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 MONTAUK 30/06/2018 Caulfield COT: To be ridden more forward; settled outside the leader.
5 SAYED (USA) 30/06/2018 Rosehill Gardens When qst re disap perf, rdr std after taking up a pos outside leader his mount despite his efforts, would not relax & raced keenly throughout the early & middle stages. Added attributed mount weakening in straight principally due to not being able to obt cover whereby his mount overraced. Post race vet exam rev no abs other than healing wounds to the off-hind fetlock & over the near fore fetlock.
8 CHILLIN WITH DYLAN 5/07/2018 Grafton Held up rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight.
10 MISS DUBOIS (NZ) 30/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Connections advised that the horse would be ridden more conservatively from the wide draw. The horse was ridden in a rearward position.
12 COLLABORATION (GB) 5/07/2018 Grafton On return to scale, Trainer reported that the geldings tongue tie broke in the event and it had become lodged in the back of the geldings’ mouth.
13 FUERZA 5/07/2018 Grafton Raced wide throughout. Held up rounding the home turn.
15 JACK STRIKES BACK 5/07/2018 Grafton Near 1400m had to be eased off heels.
17e HUSONIQUE 5/07/2018 Grafton Held up over the final 100m and was unable to be tested over the concluding stages.
18e LATINO LOVER 5/07/2018 Grafton Began awkwardly.
19e WINKLER (NZ) 5/07/2018 Grafton Hung out rounding the home turn.

No Horse Date Venue Comments
1 PROMPT RETURN 30/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Connections advised that it would be the intention to have the horse ridden in the forward half of the field. The horse was ridden accordingly.
2 PRINCE MAYTED 21/03/2018 Gosford Raced wide & without cover throughout. Shifted out slightly rounding the h/t. Shifted in near the 100m.
3 DON’T TEASE ME 6/01/2018 Royal Randwick The gelding, which had been restless in the barriers, began awk & made contact with another runner and then took some time to muster speed. A post race vet exam of geld, which weakened over final 200m, did not rev any abs. Trn advised in his view, geld may not have backed up from its testing run at Randwick 26/12/17. Trn undertook to report back. Trn since advised geld will now be spelled.
4 LUCKY METEOR 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Laid out under pressure in the straight. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any obvious abnormalities.
5 TIYATROLANI 2/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Steadied when placed in restricted room near the 900m.
6 I AM THE GENERAL 2/04/2018 Beaudesert Steadied from heels approaching the home turn.
7 AIMALAC MILLIE 30/06/2018 Rosehill Gardens Rider was spoken to regarding raising his whip arm above shoulder height.
9 THREE SHEETS 30/09/2017 Royal Randwick From its wide barrier steadied & shifted in behind runners shortly after the start.
10 EPIC DAN 11/07/2018 Warwick Farm Crowded and became unbalanced approching the 600m. Near the 50m, was racing tight between rnr's, commenced to lay out & passing the 50m, became awk placed on heels, as a result had to be checked.
11 DREAMALINA 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Raced wide throughout.
13 NICOF 24/06/2018 Wagga Checked shortly after the start
14 HARD ROMP 26/06/2018 Port Macquarie Crowded on jumping. Checked when tightened for room near 800m. P/R vet exam no ab's.
15e KNIGHT TEMPLAR 11/07/2018 Grafton Slow to begin. Raced wide in the early and mid stgs.
17e ZOUZOUKAKIA 30/06/2018 Sunshine Coast Lost the off hind plate in running.