7 Day Update

New South Wales

Meeting Date Venue Track
Penetrometer Weather
Rail Irrigation Rainfall Last Updated Additional Comment
Wed 19-Sep Warwick Farm Turf Good 4 4.74 Fine True 2mm last 24hrs, 4mm last 7 days Nil last 24hrs, Nil last 7 days
Thu 20-Sep Hawkesbury Turf Good 4 4.86 Fine True 4mm last 24hrs, 20mm last 7 days Nil Updated 19/9 - 6.33am
Thu 20-Sep Lismore Turf Good 4 Fine +1.5m 700m - 350m, True Remainder Nil Nil last 24 hours, 2mm last 7 days Updated 19/9 - 8:14am
Fri 21-Sep Scone Turf Good 4 Fine True 5mm last 24hrs, 25mm last 7 days Nil Updated 19/9 - 8:17am
Sat 22-Sep Barraba Dirt N/A
Sat 22-Sep Bowraville Turf Good 3 Fine True Nil Nil Updated 19/9 - 6.38am
Sat 22-Sep Grenfell Turf N/A
Sat 22-Sep Jerilderie Turf N/A
Sat 22-Sep Kembla Grange Turf Good 4 Fine +6M ENTIRE 2mm last 24 hrs, 6mm last 7 days Nil Updated 18/9 - 6.38am
Sat 22-Sep Rosehill Gardens Turf Good 4 Fine +3m Entire Nil last 24hrs, 8mm last 7 days Nil Updated 19/9 - 8:32am
Sun 23-Sep Port Macquarie Turf Soft 5 Fine +3m Entire Nil last 24hr, 25mm last 7 days Nil Updated 19/9 - 8:35am
Sun 23-Sep Wyong Turf Good 4 Fine TRUE 2mm last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 days Nil updated 19/9 @ 7am
Mon 24-Sep Bathurst Turf Good 4 Fine +2m 1200 to 350m, where cutaway applies Nil last 24 hrs, 3mm last 7 days Nil Updated: 18/9 - 9.15am Track gallop 18/9
Mon 24-Sep Queanbeyan Turf Good 4 Fine out 3m from 900 to 275m then true remainder 5mm last 24hrs 10mm last 7 days nil last seven days updated 9.30am 18-9-18 possible shower sunday
Tue 25-Sep Grafton Turf Good 4 Fine + 4.5m 1200m to WP, +3m WP to 1200m 9mm last 7days, 3mm last 24 hours. Nil Updated 18/9 - 8.30am
Wed 26-Sep Rosehill Gardens Turf N/A +6M ENTIRE